Why you should create an account

Why You Should Create an Account at OMLpatches.com

It only takes a minute to create an account.




Create an account and sign in to your account.  You will then see the many options that you have - you can view your orders, update any account details and more.  Here s what it looks like when you sign in:


options when you create an account at OMLpatches.com


THE BIGGEST BENEFIT TO CREATING AN ACCOUNT AT OMLPATCHES.COM IS AFTER YOUR FIRST ORDER, YOU WILL RECEIVE 10% OFF EACH ORDER AFTER THE FIRST ACCOUNT ORDER.  Ya. Seriously.  Every order you place after your first account order you will receive 10% off your order.  Thats everything, even digitizing and sale items.  A full 10% off ech and every item in your cart.  Create an account and start saving $$$ on each order after the first one.  



1.  VIEW MESSAGES:  if you contact us via your account, you can see all of the messages here.   We prefer that you use our online cutomer service, email, the communications forms or give us a call at 1-844-665-2378.  For more information, see our CONTACT US page.


2. VIEW ORDER STATUS:  very helpful!  you can get the status of your order via the account - awaiting fulfilment, awaiting shipment or shipped are the main order status.  If you don't understand what they mean, check out our complete guide to order status for a full explanation.  Here is where you can find your tracking numbers if you paid for shipping via Expedited Shipping or Priority Shipping.


3. COMPLETED ORDERS:  here you can see a complete list of all of the orders that have been placed with OMLpatches.com and any details regarding the orders - and you can also print out invoices.


4. YOUR ADDRESS BOOK:  here you can update any of your shipping details for future orders or if you put in an incorrect address.  You can update your shipping and billing address.


5. YOUR ACCOUNT DETAILS:  here you can update your contact details including your email address and change your password. 


6.  YOUR RECENT ITEMS:   If you can't find the patch you had been looking for, you can click on here and get a list of the patches that you have recently viewed at OMLpatches.com


Create your account today quickly and easily and get all the information you need on past orders, items viewed and make corrections to your account PLUS get 10% off your next order.  


create an account at OMLpatches.com and get 10% off