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Let our 17+ years experience creating, custom designing and producing custom morale patches work for you! OML has been the leader in custom velcro patches for a reason:  Don't settle for less, get our professional custom velcro patches.  All of our velcro patches are made to order and made to last!  

  • best value for patches - our low patch prices have not changed in 10 years
  • no minimums to order
  • highest professional quality patches, field tested for 15 years and made to last
  • NO OUTSOURCING all morale patches are designed and manufactured in house, we do ALL of our own work
  • Fast turnaround on your patch order.
  • standard sized morale patches to fit your tactical gear and uniforms
  • Large full back patches available in many sizes - add your own Free lettering
  • properly subdued thread colours and OCP and coyote brown thread colours available
  • custom nametapes in every size from 1x3 all the way up to 1.5 x6 inches
  • completely custom patches - no morale patches are sitting on a shelf -  you can customize each patch
  • each patch is made to order so you can customize any patch on the site
  • Custom Team Patches:  on a budget?  pick custom team patches and add your own lettering and create team patches on a budget
  • Custom Battlepatches in different sizes and different styles, different icons - get the exact battle patch that you want!  We have a huge variety of custom battle patches.
  • Biggest and best selection of morale patches - over 1200 morale patches ready for your customization
  • biggest selection for background fabrics including camo and solid colors.
  • we  use real camo for the background fabric of the patches - directly from the distributor.
  • biggest selection for solid color backgrounds
  • FAST SHIPPING via USPS with a tracking number
  • FASTEST TURNAROUND ON ORDERS.  Why wait 6 weeks or more for your custom patches?  We stitch daily and get your patches to you FAST
  • Velcro will never separate from the merrowed patches.
  • merrowed edge on patches - we consider a merrowed edge standard for patches - don't ever pay extra for a merrowed edge
  • Free text patch - add text to your patches for no extra charge
  • no charges for customizing colors on any patch
  • $$ saving options - order 10 custom patches and save $75.00!
  • sample patches save you money - you can now order 1 custom designed patch and order more later with no extra charges
  • $$ savings options ordering our 2D PVC patches-2D PVC velcro patches look great, and saves you money!
  • NEW PATCHES ADDED WEEKLY!  check back often to see the newest patches.
  • Huge variety of styles of patches - we have custom velcro patches, 2D PVC patches, cut PVC patches, and coming soon BT PVC patches (better than PVC patches) 
  • If you don't see the patch that you are looking for, ask us!  





 On a budget?  Save $$ and get Custom 2D PVC vinyl Morale patches!  

Our PVC Vinyl patches are thin and flexible with millions of colors with no minimums to order, no set up or digitizing fees - just upload your design and order your custom 2D PVC patches!  








QUESTIONS?  COMMENTS?  NEED HELP?  call us toll free at 844-665-2378 or email us at don@omlpatches.com and we will be happy to answer any of your custom patch questions!