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You can download information on becoming a wholesale dealer at:  WHOLESALE PRICE

Become a dealer for OMLpatches.com and have our high quality and professional patches in your store or online store.

Get great patches in your store and expand your customer base, whether online or in-store.  Once customers see the high quality professional patches, you will sell out quickly and have to get more! 

Its quick and easy to become an OMLpatches.com dealer for our amazing patches - all you have to do is check out our dealer prices and place your order with us.  We will review your order, and then put the order up on the website for you to check out.  Then all you have to do is wait for your patches to arrive and put them into your stock for your store or your online store and watch them sell out.   As with all of the  patches on OMLpatches.com, you can pick any of our 18 camo and solid colour backgrounds, you can pick the thread colours that you want on the patch and you can pick the merrow colour for any of the patches that you order.   You can create your own original coloured patches for your store, anything goes - you could even get many of the morale patches with colours similar to your store logo, or certain gear that you want to showcase the patches with, and make them all look good.  Great ideas?  We have many more ideas as to how you can “show off” your custom embroidered patches in store and  online.  One of the best ideas for marketing is to do a Patch Giveaway Contest and give away some of the patches for Facebook likes or Twitter favorites.    

The minimum order to get dealer pricing is $500.00 worth of patches per order.  There are no monthly requirements or agreements, just get a total of $500.00 of regular patches (thats less than 100 patches), and you get the dealer pricing. 

Custom patches will also be included in the dealer pricing, but will be handled differently.   We have a form that you can download and request custom writing on Scrolls, Tabs, Custom Team Patches, Battle patches and Full back patches.  Fill in all of your custom information and email us the document, and we will process your order and put it up on the website for payment.  Then all you have to do is click and checkout, and its all yours!

Custom patches will take a bit longer for us to stitch and process, however it will still be processed and shipped within 7 business days unless otherwise notified by OMLpatches.com.

Shipping will be via Expedited Shipping, and that ships with a tracking number so you will be assured that you can find your order at all times.  We also have priority shipping, which is a faster trackable method and you can decide how quickly you need the patches.   We can also offer overnight shipping via UPS or Fedex, but of course that will cost more.  All shipping is actual pricing of the shipping, no handling fees or hidden fees, just the cost of shipping. 

You can also create your own patches and get great deals on the per patch price - create a patch that shows the logo of your store - its a great give away product that gets the word out about your store and also that you carry the best patches. 

Join us and take advantage of offering the highest quality and largest variety of camo backed patches, custom made for your store and expand your store easily in ways you didn’t think were possible!    And so easy to do, too!

If you want to increase sales, offer many different patches and boost your store or online store, become a dealer for OMLpatches.com and watch your sales profits go through the roof!   

Check us out!  you can contact us FAST using our online Customer Service or you can email any questions to dealer@omlpatches.com. Either way, we are easy to get a hold of and we will respond to any questions quickly!

Good luck growing your store and providing your customers with exactly what they have been looking for!