Velcro Backing

Velcro?  who cares about velcro?  what kind of velcro does use?

 The answer is only REAL VELCRO BRAND VELCRO.  


There is a big difference with Velcro Brand and other brands.  There is absolutely nothing better than real velcro.  The other cheaper brands simply don't do their job. 

What is velco's job?  to hold your morale patches on to your gear or uniform, it is that simple.  If you don't use the real brand, you have a high risk of your patches being lost forever, because the velcro will not stick properly to your tactical gear or uniforms. The off brand or other brands of velcro are a cheap alternative for the patch maker, but not for the patch wearer.   Why would you pay money for a patch that may fall off?  You wouldn't, and you really shouldn't.  You want a morale patch that not only looks good, but will last and stay on your tactical gear.  

All of our morale patches have the option to add velcro to them, and we insist on using the best velcro that there is.  Yes, we have to special order the velcro brand, and it costs 4x more than the off brand, but we think that our custom morale patches are worth it.  We only use the hook side of the velcro - not the fuzzy side of the velcro (we call that anti-velcro because it causes us so many sticking issues when it is around the hook side) and we still carefully inspect the velcro before we use it on patches.  

Here is a good picture of Velcro Brand velcro - here is what you look for in proper velcro:  all the hooks are lined up properly, none are missing, and they are evenly spaced.  The second thing is the flat edges.  Third is the strength of the hooks - if they come out easily, they are not going to hold your patch on to your gear.  

We have seen some seriously flawed velcro in the past - they have errors with most of the hooks, they have missing hooks, and i have even seen where they spliced the velcro together to make one continuous roll, and the roll had about 5 splices.  We simply threw it out, it would be no good for our morale patches. 

The moral of this informational story? only uses high quality materials direct from the manufacturer to make our high quality patches.  We only use Real Velcro brand velcro direct from the manufacturer and we only use high quality materials to construct our patches - for example, we only use RIPSTOP multicam directly from the manufacturer - its very expensive, but makes much better patches.  We only use the highest quality embroidery thread - the high standard in the industry - no off brands.  Again, we are able to get these cheaper materials at a much lower price, however, that would make much lower quality morale patches for our customers. 

You get what you pay for - has the highest quality patches that are made to last and last.  The velcro will never come off of the patch, and the patch should not come off of the other side of the velcro.  And we do all of this and keep the prices lower than most companies. 

Get the highest quality patches available on the market - - why settle for less??  You get what you pay for, so you might as well get the best.