A Tacscan patch is a tactical scannable patch!  Its actually really cool - maybe some of you don't understand what it is. 

Its a QR code that is embroidered into a patch.  Completely new technology for a patch!

YES.  SERIOUSLY.  We have created patches that are scannable.  Easy to create - create a QR code and upload it to us with your order, and we will create a fully functional TACSCAN patch, in black and white. 

With TACSCAN patches, you can have any and all personal information available when needed - but not out in the open.   The TACSCAN patches need to be scanned for the information to be read!!  QR Codes are similar to a bar code- any QR reader with your smartphone will work just fine - you can add your email address, personal information, telephone numbers, links to webpages, links to blogs, any links to social networking - the list goes on and on. 

The TACSCAN patch could be used as a more secure battle patch - add in your personal information (name, blood type, allergies) and tacscan patches Keeps your personal information hidden until it is needed.  How about ID for a bag or gear?  just add your phone number to the TACSCAN patch, and if your bag or gear is lost, your information is readily available.  What about K9 teams?  The patch is 2 x 2 and available with velcro, so you can easily attach it to your dogs harness and keep the dogs name, owner and health information safe from everyone until needed. 

Think outside the box and create one of the coolest patches ever - THE TACSCAN PATCH.  

If you have your own QR code, turn it into a Tacscan Patch!

Need help creating a tacscan patch?  give us yoru information and we will create one for you!  Get your Tacscan patch now!

For embroidery, usually less is more - if you have 10 lines of text, the Tacscan patch will have to be bigger so that the scanners can read them.  Here is a good example of what works perfectly - a website address!  All you have to do is scan the patch and then click on the read out and you will be taken directly to the website!  How cool is that?  This customer thinks his Tacscan Patch is very cool, and posted this pic and write up on Facebook:


tacscan patches in action

Here is what our customer posted on facebook along with the picture above:


"I'm showing off my new acquisitions from OML. They have hit a home run with the QR code patch - WOW! Not only does the live patch scan without error - I was able to scan and access my band's Web site using a picture of the patch. Very accurate and a must - have!

I'm using the two blank rank patches as a mounting point for custom guitar pics. 

As always, ordering is easy and shipping is fast. 

Thanks again OML!"


Try it out now - you can scan the Tacscan EVEN FROM THE IMAGE ABOVE and it will be read properly.  How cool is that??

Get your Tacscan patches today and find some great uses for tactical scannable patches.