Now available for all your gear!


At, we get many requests for certain types of patches.  We try and do as many as we can, but we want popular in demand patches up on the website.  Some suggestions are good, some are just not.  One suggestion over the years has been very popular, and we have decided to make them mainstream at  Custom Sports Team patches - customized to the right size and the right colors to make the fit with the uniforms and any tactical gear that you have. 


So now we have done it!  We have a few up on the website and are constantly working on more because we are certain that they will be popular with all of our customers, and are specially requested for soldiers overseas.

So what exactly is a Tactical Sports Patch?  Well, thats easy, its the sports patches that you love, but made for military and police gear.   The patches are made the right size - mainly to fit into a 2 x 3 standard flag size, or a standard 3-3.5 round size, so that they will fit onto the 4inch real estate on uniforms, and also to fit onto the velcro real estate on just about any gear. 

How do we do this?  For us, its quite easy - we are Master Patchologists AND Master Digitizers (Supreme level) so we can do just about anything in embroidery.  Here are a few of the designs that we came up with, and the first two were by special request via email requesting that we make subdued sports team patches with velcro that will fit onto a uniform:

florida gators tactical sports patch with velcrotactical sports patches - florida gators in swat colors


Awesome!  you can get the Florida Gators patch in full color, tans subdued, OD subdued and SWAT/ACU colors.  The patch is 100% embroidery so no camo background is required to order, but the patches will match your gear. 


The second patch that has been requested many times over the years is a little different from the Florida Gators Tactical Patch - its the Boston Red Sox Patch.  We left room for some background fabric to show through, so you can match the background fabric to your uniform or tactical gear:

boston-red-sox tactical sports patchpng


The background color here looks like a coyote brown, although it doesn't show up very well ont he picture.  It looks more like OD, but not really a good showing of the OD background.  Normally, the subdued colors on OD fabric would be black/OD and maybe a little bit of brown, but for this picture, we decided to show you that you can customize each and every patch that you order - if you don't want lots of black and OD on your patch and would prefer to order multicam colors for a patch - then you can do that.  This patch is a great example of that - OD background, brown and tan colors and a little bit of black on it - a great example of a patch in multicam colors instead of a multicam background. 

If you have any questions regarding subduing patches, check out our awesome CAMO Guide for examples of how we subdue patches.  If you want something different for your patch, then just let us know with your order.  There is a text area when you are checking out called "order instructions" where you can lay out your request for colors. 

If you have any requests for any Tactical Sports Patches, just email your request to, and we will take your request under consideration!