Sons of Abiff - A new biker club patch!

Sons of Abiff Patches

The creation of a Biker Patch


At we can create patches from just about any design that is presented to us.  Here is the showcase of the Sons of Abiff Biker Patches, created from a sketched out drawing that won a design contest for the group.  We took that sketched out design and created a very large full back patches for their vests and jackets, as well as a smaller patch to be worn on the front of the vests.


We started off with the design that was sent to us:

sons of abiff biker patches


As you can see, the drawn design is not symmetrical and some of the parts are crooked and looks out of place.  After discussing these things with the customer, we decided that we can correct these errors and make a perfectly symmetrical patch.

We worked closely with the customer to produce a perfect patch based on the design we were given.  After much hard work and amazing digitizing skills we came up with the perfect patch design.  It looked amazing and the customer was very very happy with our design and the hard work that we put into it.  As we were designing the patch, the customer came up with a few major design changes, and one big change - to incorporate some completely different elements to the design.  We happily re-did the design as requested, and came up with this:

sons of abiff Free Masons Patch


Because the design contains elements from the Free Mason Society, the customer decided to change back to our original design and work from there.  Again, we worked closely with the customer to finalize all of the details of the patch.  The customer was very happy with our work!  If you look at the original sketched design beside the final patch design - the stitch file you can see how awesome this patch has developed:

sons of abiff biker patch


 The jpeg of the stitches looks great!  But it is only the stitch file, the actual stitched out patch will look so much better.

Now you can see the final patch, stitched out on black background and merrowed in black.  It is truly an amazing looking patch!  If you look closly, you can see how clear the design looks in stitches - the skull detail looks awesome, and the colors are a perfect match to the requested colors.  All in all, its looks amazing and the customer could not be happier with the test patch from OML.  She was so thrilled when she saw the sample patch in person, she got orders from her whole club!

sons of abiff motorcycle back patch


I am sure that the Sons of Abiff will get many compliments on their patch work, as this patch stands out from the crowd:  the bright colors, the skilled workmanship, the attention to detail and the sheer size of the patch will make it a patch to be remembered. 


Congratulations Sons of Abiff on your new club patch!