Sheriff's Medical Bag

Custom Patches for a Medical Bag

Medical Bag out on Patrol

As we have always said, is all about custom patches - any size, any color, any shape that you require.  We are happy to work with you to perfect the patch that you need for your tactical gear.  Here is the patches in action story of creating very specific patches for a medical bag for a sheriff's office to use out on patrol.

The patches that were required to fit properly into the bag were unique indeed.  The customer measured the velcro space that was required to fit into 2 specific points inside the bag.  To make things more complicated, one of the velcro parts was the fuzzy side of the velcro and one of the parts was the hook side velcro.  He needed two very specific patches custom made to fit properly into the bag.   The velcro area was inside the bag, too.  This medical bag was divided into certain areas and sections with the velcro running in between those areas.  It required very specific custom patches to cover the whole area that he wanted.  He asked that one of the patches have the regular hook side velcro, and one have the fuzzy side of the velcro.  Of course we questioned this request, because we do not many (if any) requests to make patches with the fuzzy side of the velcro - mainly because the patches will not "stick" to anything except the hook side.  We also call the fuzzy side of the velcro the "anti-velcro" because it seems to gather up the other patches that are in production and makes a big mess of everything.  We keep the "anti-velcro" far away from our patches and any work stations.  However, he was sure that's what he needed and sent a few pictures of what he was looking for:



You can see in the second picture that the velcro on the bag is the hook side of the velcro, so he had to have the fuzzy side to make it work.

So the patches had to be designed with all that in mind - so far so good.  He wanted the patches to fit accross the length of the bag, to cover up the velcro.  

Another thing he wanted was to be able to put indicator arrows pointing in a direction to make his patch labels clear.  Was it possible to do this?  yes, of course it is - we can create anything that you need.  Another thing that makes stand out from the rest is that we do not charge any extra for little things like arrows pointing up.  Yes it is more work for us to create such specific patches, but we don't mind because we know that the customer will be getting exactly what he wants - a one of a kind patch specifically designed for his needs. 

Once we have all of the information in place we created the patch - white background, black lettering and merrowing, arrows pointing up and the odd size of 2inches x 12 inches.  Remembering that we do not have any minimums to order, he was able to order exactly what he needed - only one of each.  Once the patches were stitched, we did a QC on the patches to make sure the size was correct, etc. and double checked to make sure which patch needed the odd fuzzy side of the velcro. 

We completed the patches, and sent them out to the customer. They were a perfect fit, and the sheriff's office now had the patch lables that they wanted for the medical bag to take out on patrol with them.  Another satisfied customer.  The sheriff's office was also kind enough to send us pictures of the bag with the patches, which really makes our day - we love to see our patches in action!




Thanks for sending the pictures in!

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