Service Dog Patches

Custom Service Dog Patches

 Create your own working dog patches

Service Dogs are truly amazing, and continually help their human companions in many ways each and every day.  We have heard from many working dog owners that it can be difficult to find patches for their working dog’s vest.  We have listened and have made it very easy for you to get patches for your working dog.   We also enjoy hearing how happy owners are with their custom patches - they get exactly what they wanted for their working dog and love the results!

Our very happy Service dog is Cashew who loves his new patches created specifically for him!  Thanks Cashew for sending in great pictures - we think you look great!

custom working dog patchesworking dog patches made custom to fit your dog perfectlyworking dog patches custom made for service dog vests


Yes, you can buy some pre-made and pre-designed patches that sort of fit on the dogs vest and are standard and expensive and exactly like many other patches, OR you can have a custom patch that will say exactly what you want, it will fit perfectly, and fit exactly where you want it to fit.   

Instead of the standard black background with red and white lettering, make your patch stand out with different colours for lettering - how about pink?  People tend to notice bright different colors as opposed to the regular colors normally used.  Make your patch stand out and be noticed and read properly, the instructions understood clearly. 

ask to pet custom working dog patch 


Service dog patches can be sewn to your vest or attached with velcro to identify your dog as a service dog, therapy dog, working dog, police dog, search and rescue dog to name a few.  They also can be used to describe the service your dog performs such as, medical alert dog, guide dog, hearing dog, seizure alert dog, diabetic alert dog, PTSD dog, Psychiatric dog etc.  Service dog patches can also be used to inform others that your dog is working do not pet him, that he is friendly and it is ok, or to ask first.   Get your message read clearly through patches for your Service Dog.

custom working dog patch with k9 silhouette 

You can use any space available on your dog’s vest - measure the space and be sure, and measure the available velcro space and we can make a patch that will fit perfectly!   You can make custom patches in a stop sign shape with bright coloured thread, or you can make nametapes that are 1 inch in height and as long as you need it to be.  You can also add in a paw print or a silhouette of a K9 to add to the overall look of the patch.  

 custom K9 patch with paw print design

You can get as creative as you can, and make your own original custom Service Dog Patch and design it how you want it too look.  

custom therapy dog patch


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