PVC Vinyl Picture Patches

Create your own custom Patch from any Design, even Pictures



You can create your own custom PVC Vinyl patches from just about anything - even pictures.  There are no limitations to the colors or style in your patch creation. 

These patches are a great example of what you can do with PVC vinyl patches - and you can do just about anything!  The sky is the limit!  There are no limitations to colors or special effects in your patch design - you can have drop shadows, gradients and millions of colors.  You can see by the picture above, the patch has the full, vibrant colors from the photograph.  The photograph is on glossy photo paper, and you can see that the patch is a matte finish - nothing shiny on the patch.  Each PVC vinyl patch is finished with merrowing and velcro on the back, just the same as any other custom velcro patches that we make, with the highest patch quality and a professional finish. 

We have a PVC Vinyl Patch Guideline for the creation of your patches, but here are a few highlights that you need to remember when you are making your own patch design:

  1. try and use basic shapes for your custom patch design.  Basic shapes work best for the merrowing and velcro
  2. try and keep to standard patch sizes like 2x3 standard flag size.  The vinyl patches will fit on any tactical gear or uniforms at the right size.
  3. leave room for merrowing in your design - merrowing takes up a bit of space on your patch so make sure that you leave a border when you are creating your patch.
  4. save your design at the size of the final patch.  For example, if you were doing the picture patch above, the original photograph was a 5x7 and we made the patch design at 3 x 2 (standard) and saved the patch at that size. 


Ordering your own custom PVC patches is quick and easy.  Just follow these steps to complete your order. 

  • Navigate to the 2D PVC Vinyl Patches category, and then to the custom PVC Vinyl patches product.
  • upload your design
  • add in the average size of your design or add in the exact dimensions for the width of the final patch.  If you want to be more specific, you can add the exact patch size for your patch. 
  • check the box that indicates that you accept that there will be no changes made to your design - what you have uploaded is what your patch is going to look like.
  • check that you would like merrowing on your patch - merrowing is recommended, but not all patch shapes can be merrowed.
  • if you need a 4x4 block of the soft side of the velcro, you can add this into your order
  • add the number of patches that you require.  There are no minimums to order, and the discounted prices show in your cart.

That's it!  At OMLpatches.com, we make ordering patches quick and easy.  

pvc vinyl patches

(many thanks to R. Gravestone for giving us some awesome Patches in action photographs to use for our new patches)