How big/small can I make my patch?  The size and dimensions of the patch are completely up to you, its your design and you are creating it.  Try and keep the shapes standard however, so we can add some merrowing to your patch.  Also make sure that you are making the elements on your patch readable and clear.

How many letters can I put on a patch?  PVC vinyl patches are completely different from regular embroidered patches.  There are absolutely no limitations to what you can put on the patch, its how you design it.  If you create a small sized patch that has tiny small writing on it, that is exactly how your patch will look - if thats the effect you are going for.  Some people opt for large clear lettering with some special effects, and some people are happy with small writing!  However you design it, thats how it is going to look on the patch.  So, the limitation is up to you.  I would suggest once you finish designing your patch, print it out on regular paper and cut it out and see what you think - if you think the writing or the design looks too small, then you will need to make the patch bigger.  It is completely up to you. 

What if I have swear words or curse words on my patch? OR something completely offensive?  We don't care.  Put whatever you want on your patch - after all, you will be the one wearing it.  There is a good chance that you won't offend anyone here - we are pretty used to offensive language or ideas - we have been creating patches for more than 10 years now, and I really don't think you could shock or offend anyone here with anything you want on a patch.  So bring it on, make us laugh!

How many colors can I do on a patch?  Again, our custom PVC Vinyl patches are designed by you, and there are no limitations to what you can do on them.  You can have millions of colors, different shades - anything that you can do in Photoshop (or a similar program) we can do it on your patch.  There are no limitations.  We have a special professional level vinyl printer that can handle anything that you throw at us. 

Can I do special effects on my patch? You can do whatever you want on your patch - if you can design it in Photoshop, we can create a patch with it.  So use as many special effects as you want, create whatever you want.  Make  sure your design that you upload is high quality - it will make a better patch.

Can we create a patch that is a picture? Yes, use any design that you want.  We can create a custom PVC vinyl patch from any picture that you want to use.  

What is my patch going to look like when its finished?  your patch is going to look exactly like the picture you sent in - only better because it is now a patch!  We size the design correctly, add a small stroke for merrowing and then put it into production.  Your patch gets velcro and merrow and its done!







Are PVC Vinyl patches the same as regular PVC patches? No, our PVC vinyl patches are completely different from regular PVC patches - don't get them confused!  In short, regular PVC patches are made from a die, and are small and thick.  PVC vinyl patches are not made from a die, they are made from special printed vinyl - this makes the patches thin and very flexible. 



How durable are PVC vinyl patches?  The answer is very durable.  They are water resistant (see below) and will bounce back into shape when scrunched up, for example.  They will hold their colors, they are flexible enough to attach to any uniform, tactical bag or even operators cap.  It is normal for some PVC vinyl patches to slightly bleed the first time they get water on them - this is normal - and it can be easily resolved by dabbing the patch with a paper towel to absorb the excess ink.  Once you have done that, your patch is as good as new, and the colors will still be vibrant and clear.  PVC vinyl patches are made to last. The first picture below is how the PVC vinyl patches go right back to their original shape.  Picture number two are two vinyl patches soaked in water for more than an our - the colors on picture number 3 are still bright, nothing ran, even after an hour of water.  


durable PVC patches



What is merrowing?  Merrowing is the thick outside edge of a patch - the stitching that makes a patch look finished and professional.  

Do you merrow PVC vinyl patches? Yes, we sure do.  If your patch design is a regular shape (circle, square) we will merrow the patch.   Adding merrowing to the patch is suggested and absolutely recommended.  I encourage everyone to design a patch that you can add a merrowed edge.

Why do you merrow PVC vinyl patches?  As far as we are concerned, merrowing is a part of any patch - it creates the proper professional look of any patch.  You CAN have some odd shaped patches without merrowing, but we think the merrowed patches look way better.  We also think that the merrowed edge gives the patch a clean look - there are no raw edges, everything is neat and tidy.  It simply makes a good patch.   Don't settle for anything less - merrowing makes the patch!

What do you need to create my patch?  All we need is your artwork!  You can send us just about any file format that you are using - Photoshop or Illustrator files are fine too.   Just make sure the file that you are uploading is high quality - you want to create high quality patches from that design.  If for example, you send a 1 x 1 thumbnail jpeg for the design of your patch, and you want the patch to be 4 x 4, if the design is not high quality there may be some pixelation or blurry when we make the patch the right size.  There is nothing we can do about this to fix it.

What size image do we upload?  my best advice on this is to save/create your file at the size that you want the patch to be - that way we don't have to resize anything, and then your patch graphics will stay the same.  If we have to resize in any way, then the patch might get distorted. 

Do you make any changes to the patch design before processing?  We do very little to your design!  We may have to resize a little bit to get the patch to be the size that you requested, and sometimes we have to add a stoke line to make room for the merrowed edge, but thats about it.  

What if I need help with my design?  At some point, we will have a design service up to help create your patches.  If we have to make any changes other than resizing the patch and adding a line for the merrowed edge, then we will be charging a Graphic Design fee for creating your patch design.  We have not had any requests so far, so we will be leaving it for now.  

How do I order PVC Vinyl Patches? Thats easy! Click  HERE and order your patches!  All you have to do is pick your size, upload your picture and place your order!  Any discounts will be applied right in your cart!

Are there any minimums to order? No there are no minimums to order a custom PVC Vinyl patch!


Are there any set up fees or unexpected costs? No, there are no set up fees, digitizing fees or any other fees for your custom PVC vinyl patches.  The price in your cart is the price that you get!  Below is a price list of the discounts that we offer, the more you order, the cheaper it gets!

I need the soft side of the velcro, does this cost more?  Yes, the small price will be added to the cost of your patches right in your cart.  Don't need the soft side?  then you don't have to get it. 

Pricing.  How much do these patches cost?  We have created this line of patches with low cost in mind - the more you buy, the cheaper they get!  They start off at around $7.00 per patch, but go down as low as $3.00 depending on how many patches you order.  Here is a price breakdown for you:

Custom PVC vinyl Patches


What is the turnaround on my Custom PVC patches?  The general rule is up to 48 hours to ship out your patches, but generally the custom PVC vinyl patches get processed the next day.  

What are the shipping times for my PVC vinyl patches? Once we get your vinyl patches shipped out, it depends on where you live:  If we are shipping in North America, shipping normally takes 6-10 business working days for your order to arrive via regular flat rate shipping.  Overseas can take the same amount of time, sometimes a bit longer.   Shipping to APO's can take their sweet time to get there - sometimes as long as a month.  Be patient, your order will get there. 

Can you reduce the shipping time? Nope, for regular flat rate shipping, that is the time set out by the post office.  Since we don't work for the post office, we can't change a darn thing.  Its slow.  We know.  If you want faster postal service, then you have to get a different service with your order:  Express will give you a tracking number but won't be any faster, and Priority will get there faster AND have a tracking number.  The choice is up to you!