Production Times

Production Times

How long does it take to produce patches?

As you can imagine, there is a lot to take into consideration when producing patches - there are many steps involved in creating a custom embroidered patch.

Our production times and very fast compared to other companies.  Some of the other companies that take the patches off of the shelves still take longer than we do to produce patches.  We do not have any patches in storage, each patch is custom made to order - that is how we allow you to make so many customizations on each and every patch on the site - we make each patch for you.

How long does this take?  We can usually produce your patches ready for shipment within 1-3 business days from the date of your order.  Thats pretty fast!

How do we do this?  We work long hours and 6 days a week to make sure that your patches go out on time.  But what how do we produce your patches?  We have a few different departments that take care of each step.

1.    Orders - we gather up the orders for the day and turn them into a stitch list - all the multicam patches are in a list, all of the ACU patches are listed, etc.  along with your customizations - custom lettering, custom thread colors and any changes that need to be made on the patches.

2.  Set up:  this is a very important job!  Using the list, we set up the patches in our embroidery programs so that the machines can understand the designs.  We group them in the backgrounds and stitch them out in one big hooping.

3.  Patch cutting.  One of the first not very fun jobs.  Each patch has to be carefully cut out from the backing.

scissors for cutting out patches

4.  Velcro backing.  Second job that isn't fun!  We have to add velcro to each patch that needs it.  More lists, more hard work.

5.  Merrowing:  this job is one of the hardest to do!  But we have years of experience in merrowing and the job goes as smooth as possible.


6.  Quality Control:  this is actually a job!  each patch has to be checked to make sure it is up to the highest standard for quality.   QC is also performed during all of the other steps that we take to produce your patches. 

quality control at

7.  Shipping:  during shipping we take each order, one by one and check the lettering and check spelling and check that the colors are all correct.  If we make a mistake, it has to go back into production and be corrected.


Thats it!  Thats a long, long list of things to do to create a patch- its a far cry from pulling one off of a shelf and putting it into an envelope, thats for sure. 

We know that we produce the best quality custom embroidered patches worldwide, and we won't change how we work - its the only way to ensure that you get the best patches, made to order and made to last.