Image requirements for best results and how to order Printed Custom Patches  

Here are a few things you need to know when creating your own printed custom patches to get the best results.

Here are a few hints and tips to help you create amazing printed custom patches with your design. 

PLEASE NOTE:  THE PATCH DESIGN MUST BE IN FINAL FORM including all colors and backgrounds. Please do not submit a design and ask that we add a camo background to your design - it is nearly impossible to do without the working file.  Make sure your patch design is EXACTLY how you want your patch to look - all details, all colors and the correct background.  If there is no background added, then it will print white.


The quality of the picture that you upload is directly linked to the quality of the patch you will receive.  


BORDER:  a 30PX border is recommended to leave room for merrowing

FORMAT:  JPEG, PNG, AI AND PSD are the preferred formats to upload. 

For example, if you upload a patch design from right clicking on a website, the design you upload will most likely be very very small.  If your design is .78 x .78, and you would like a 4x4 patch made out of it, then the final patch that we print will be of low quality from enlarging the picture to fit into the patch - there will be a loss of clarity and sharpness and the lines and detail of the patch will be blurry.  There is nothing we can do to fix this, there is no magic solution - you can't resize low quality jpegs and expect them to be clear.  

SOLUTION:  only upload high quality images. 


Yes, we are going to merrow the patches, so you need to remember the leave room for the merrowed border - approximately 30PX at 300DPI usually covers it.  If you are not great with adding a stroke to a design, don't worry we will be adding a border to your design so we can add merrowing. 


YOUR PATCH HAS TO BE A REGULAR SHAPE for the merrowing.   The merrow machine is rather picky - it won't go in and out of corners no matter what we do!  Squares, rectangles Triangles and Circles will work the best.  If you don't have a basic shape on your patch, we will add one for you!


 Standard images are preferred:  JPEG, PNG, AI and PSD along with BMP.


Our printed patches are unlike any other patches around - the patch design is printed right into the fabric.  The results are amazing!

  • Waterproof
  • custom patch colors will not run.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Millions of colors available to use.
  • No limitation on details in your patch design.
  • Photo quality patches.
  • Incorporate any kind of effects like shading, drop shadows, 3D designs and more - anything goes!  You design your custom patch the way you want it to look - you can become your own custom patch maker.
  • Merrowed edge for a professional finish.
  • bright colorful patches - or subdued patches - design it the way you want it.
  • no background fabric choices necessary - if you want OCP or multicam fabric on your patch, then design the patch using a picture of the fabric that you want - and we will print it that way!  
  • all printed custom patches have no minimums to order.
  • order more and save big - the price per patch goes down substantially the more you order. 
  • sharp, professional finished product.
  • your choice to add velcro, iron-on patch backing or simply add no backing - then you will sew on the patch yourself
  • fast turnaround
  • Low cost patches
  • price is lower than PVC patches and embroidered patches - you can afford to patch your whole team. 
  • Because you can design the patches yourself, you can change each patch to add callsigns, etc. and make each custom patch personalized.
  • Affordable, professional patches for large and small teams.
  • All custom patches are manufactured in house, not outsourced.
  • Merrowed edge at no additional charge - all custom patches will be merrowed. 
  • If you can't add a merrow border line yourself, one will be added for you. 
  • No digitizing fees to deal with - you design your patch on your own time and upload it!
  • SAVE TIME:  no need for a quote, our prices are listed.
  • NO PRICING GUESSWORK:  on each patch, there is a price for one, and then if you click down on the information tab, you will see how the price will get lower the more patches that you pick - you can calculate the total cost of your order quickly and easily.



Follow these steps for fast and easy ordering

1.  Have your design finished and ready:  JPEG, PNG and AI or PSD formats are preferred.

2.  Navigate to the Printed Custom Patches category.

3.  Pick the printed custom patch that is the closest to your final patch size and shape. 

4.  Click on that printed custom patch.

5.  Upload your file in the space provided.

6.  Add velcro or iron-on backing, or pick no velcro for no backing on your patch (you will have to sew the patch to your gear or uniforms)

7.  Decide on how many patches that you would like - the price per patch will be shown in the shopping cart.

8.  Check out - you are done!!

Once your printed custom patches have shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email.