PRICES at are laid out on each patch - most patches are from $5.50 to $6.50 each, with no minimums to order.  We keep morale patch prices lower than other patch companies, while keeping the standard of professional morale patches high above other companies.  The result is you get a high quality  professional level morale patch for less than what other companies charge you.  Plus remember all of our morale patches are custom made to order, and that gives you the opportunity to customize your patches - change the thread colors, on some you can add your own lettering, and really create your own custom morale patch.  No other patch company does this - they have morale patches on the shelf, and the patch you buy is the same as 1000 other patches.  We think a custom morale patch that you can change elements and make the morale patch a one of a kind custom patch is so much better than an off the shelf patch - and usually our  patches will cost less.  How is that for awesome!

We do not charge a set up fee or a digitizing fee or any other creating fee for customizing the regular patches. We get many requests from customers that would like one custom morale patch - with lettering - a funny saying or someone's name, and they are not able to buy just one morale patch, or do not want to pay some digitizing fee for creating the one single morale patch.  We decided to make this happen!  You can order one morale patch from the custom patch section, and add your own lettering to the patch.  Of course you don't want to write a book on a 2 x 3 patch, but a short saying or someone's name will do fine.  We add the lettering, make it look good and stitch it out for you.   And thats it - no charges for creating the patch. Yes, it does take a bit of time to create a lettering patch, but we think its a great idea.  Some of the sayings that people have come up with make amazingly funny morale patches.  We enjoy creating them and usually have a good laugh.

thats what she said morale patchPolice custom velcro morale patch


We do have special pricing for the digitizing fee on custom designed morale patches - its a one time fee for the creation of your patch.  We take your design and create a stitch file that our machines will understand.  However, we do have sales once in a while that we reduce or waive the digitizing fee.  Thats a great savings to you!  Create your own morale patches at a great price.

Unlike other companies, we do not charge extra for merrowing.  I was really surprised that other companies charge for merrowing - it should be a part of every patch!  I have seen many companies that for large orders, they charge a really good looking $1.25 for a large order of patches, but if you want them finished, they charge an extra 15% for merrowing and 35% for velcro.  Wow, that makes for a very expensive set of patches!

No minimums to order - that is one of our main benefits to dealing with - we address the issue of small teams and personal patches.  We do not have any minimums to order any of our patches on the website.  Many times, people will have their patch digitized and order 1 or two patches.  No problem.  One year later, they would like one more patch.  Again, no problem and no extra fees.  I have seen on other patch websites that they may have a minimum order of only ten patches, BUT each patch is priced at $15.00 each, plus 15% for merrowing and 45% for velcro...for a whopping price of nearly $25.00 per patch.  That is very very expensive!  We have custom team templates, and you can get 1 original patch for a total price of $12.00.  If you were ordering 10 patches, that would be a total of $120.00 instead of a whopping $250.00 for 10 patches.  Wow, that is a big big difference to a small team.  Or anyone.  Why pay more?  


We do have our patches in stores local and internationally.  If you are interested in becoming a dealer for, get all the information you need at WHOLESALE PRICES.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

morale patches look great on any tactical gear