Patches in Action - PATCHES IN ACTION!

Want to see your team featured on our website or in a video?

Send in your team pics with our patches!


Want to see your team featured on like OP4 Airsoft Japan?


Send in some action pictures of team members wearing our patches - either team template patches, custom team patches or any of our "stock" patches - and we will contact you to get more information on your team, and we could feature your team on its own page!  Send in pictures of your team in action, any of the patches on your gear (chest rigs, backpacks, helmets - anything that you use).  Anything goes with our patches on it!  Show off your team and our patches!  


We love seeing our patches in action!  Send in your team pictures and they may get placed on this page - awesome to see what our patches look like on uniforms and all your tactical gear.  We might use the pictures in a video too or other graphics.  

Send in pics of our patches on your tactical gear, tactical hats and backpacks to get your stuff featured at

Showcase your team and promote your sport!


Check out the video Super Patches - and the Wolverines patch picture is showcased at the end.  





Great Patches for the WOLVERINES!  Thanks for sending the picture in!

sapper team wolverine custom patches


brew-city custom patches.jpgpatches on geartactical gear patchesemergency patches on geartaskforce 141 patchtac gear patchescustom biker patchesteam akkadian paintball patchbragino-artistbag.jpg

custom police patchestactical gear and patches.jpgsaints row tactical gear pic.jpggeoff's tactical gear.jpgoml-poster-patches.jpgtactical gear and patches 2biker patches.jpgmore tactical patches and tactical gearbragino-artistbag tactical gear.jpgTeam immortal tactical patch.jpgoml-nametapesx3-copy.jpg