Order Status Definitions

I don't understand my order status

How do I figure out my order status at OMLpatches.com?

When you make an account at OMLpatches.com,  you can sign into your account and check on the status of your order.  But what do they mean?

Options when you sign into your account at OMLpatches.com


1.  AWAITING FULFILLMENT:  this is the initial status of your order.  It means that you have placed your order, and we have your order on the website and the order has been paid for completely. 


2. AWAITING SHIPMENT:  This means that we are processing your order - if you have a digitizing patch, we are working on creating your patch for you. If you have a regular order, then we are preparing the order and stitching your patches. 


3.  SHIPPED:  Your order has been shipped.  If you have Expedited Shipping or Priority shipping then your tracking number will be displayed here.  You can track your order on USPS.com or Canadapost.ca and find out where your order is.  If you picked the regular flat rate shipping, your order HAS BEEN SHIPPED OUT  and your order will normally take 6-10 business working days (not including weekends or holidays) for your order to arrive to you.    If your order was shipped over the weekend, then you can count the next business day, not counting the weekend.


3.  AWAITING PAYMENT:  your order has been placed, but has not been paid for.  This usally happens via Paypal when you pay via e-check and it takes days for the check to clear.  We can't do anything about this, we have to wait until everyone is clear before we process and ship your order. 


4.  CANCELLED:  your order has been cancelled for various reasons. 


5.  REFUNDED:  your order has been refunded for various reasons.


There should not be any other order status showing on your account.   If there is something different or you think your order status is incorrect, then please CONTACT US and we will look into it for you.