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Custom Team Patches

OP4 Airsoft, Japan

custom team patches for OP4 airsoft

Custom Patches in Action!  

We love to see our patches in action. Thanks to OP4 Airsoft Japan, we get to see tons of pictures of our patches in action.  Special thanks to the whole OP4 Airsoft team for sending in all of your pictures, they are awesome.   

OMLpatches.com is proud to support OP4 Airsoft Japan!  Great patches for a great team.

OP4 is an airsoft team out of Japan.  The crew consists of Americans, Canadians, Australians, Philipinos, and Japanese players.

Their team motto is "OP4 leads the way, all the way!"


OP4 Airsoft needed some team patches and they sent us in their team logo.  We quickly designed their patches for stitching and made their patches, and shipped them over to Japan.  Over the last 3 years, they have added members to their team and ordered more patches for the newest team members all quickly and easily.  

Here is their team logo in full color:

op4 Airsoft Japan logo

And here are their team patches:

OP4 Airsoft custom velcro Team Patches


We think the patches look amazing! 

We are happy to work with OP4 on all their patch needs - right now we are designing new custom Group patches for the team, and they are going to look great.   We are also going to design merrowed nametapes with their logo, battle patches, tabs and scrolls for the team.  They are going to look even more awesome out on the field.  I am sure there will be a lot of "patch envy" going around from the other teams.  


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