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PVC Vinyl Patches

We have made a good introducton to PVC Vinyl patches, but there is so much more we can do with these morale patches.  PVC Vinyl patches will change morale patches forever, in so many ways!  

OVERALL COST PER VINYL PATCH:  PVC vinyl patches are very cost effective:  they are a great alternative to custom embroidered patches for any team or group on a budget.  We have a great price list that will show you the value of the patches - the more you order, the less the per price patch!  You can get patches for less than $2.50 a patch!  That price will fit into any team's budget.   For everyone who askes, we offer the same high quality PVC patches than the embroidered patches at a professional level.  We merrow the patches (unlike other companies who just glue the patches together and wait for them to fall apart).  Merrowing the patches give the patches a professional finish, with no raw edges showing.  Merrowing also ensures that the velcro back will never, ever separate from the patch.   All of this is included with the patches - merrowing AND velcro. 

NO EXTRA CHARGES: There are no extra charges buried in our order form - what you see is what you get!  We have an awesome graphic to show you the prices and your cart will reflect these prices depending on how many morale patches you need. There are no set up fees, no template fees or anything else.  NO EXTRA FEES.

NO MINIMUMS TO ORDER:  There are no minimums to order any custom PVC Vinyl Patch - if you only want one patch, then you only need to order one patch!  There are still no set up fees or any extra fees.  The price will be different, but nothing else will be different!

HERE IS OUR PVC VINYL PATCH PRICE LIST.  Simple, clear and easy to follow:


SHAPE OF THE PVC PATCH:  YES, you can have any shaped PVC vinyl patch that you want, at no extra charge.  We don't care what shape the patch is - although we do have to be a bit careful when cutting out the velcro - so i would stick to a regular shape that will look good and can be merrowed, too.   Some other companies out there charge extra for different shapes, but we do not charge anything extra for the shape of the patch. 

WATER RESISTANT, WEATHER PROOF:  We have done a few tests on the PVC vinyl patches to make sure that they would be up to the quality that we require at  We tested the patches for a few months before releasing them.  We first wanted to see how water-proof the patches were, so we tested two of them in extreme conditions - we put the pvc vinyl patches in a cup of water and left them for more than an hour to see what would happen to them.  After that time, we checked them out to see if there was any damage done to them, and there was not. The velcro was a bit water logged, but once we laid each of the patches flat and let them dry, they looked brand new again!  However, some color bleeding may occur if the patch has a lot of black in them - to fix this, simply dab the patch with paper towel to get the excess ink, and after that they should not bleed again.  As you can see in the picture below, we did not have any colors bleeding, even from the black patch on the left. 

pvc vinyl patches tested in water


So the colors won't run or fade or get washed away.  They are meant to be in the rain and mud and they will clean right off and look brand new again!  The PVC vinyl patches are stain resistant and again, super easy to clean.  

PVC VINYL PATCHES ARE DAMAGE RESISTANT:  These morale patches are pretty hard to damage!  Of course if you try hard enough, I am sure you can damage them :).  With regular use, however, they will stay looking new and they will be a valuable asset to any morale patch collection.  

ULTRA FLAT MATTE LOOK: for those of you who really want a matte finish on your patches, then PVC Vinyl patches are the look that you want.  Each patch has a flat matte look and are less shiny than most other patches. 

NO COLOR LIMITATIONS: There are no color limitations to your PVC Vinyl patches.  These morale patches can have as many colors as you need, there are no limitations.  If you have a graphic artist on your team, he will be happy to know that there are no limitations and you can freely design your own patch. 

ADD SPECIAL EFFECTS TO YOUR PVC VINYL PATCH DESIGN:  YES, you can add special effects to your patch design:  anything goes!  you can add bevel, a different lighting, shading, drop shadows - the list goes on and on!  Anything that you create, we can make into a patch!  Although we love the embroidered patches, there are some limitations to embroidery when it comes to patches.  There is no way of doing drop shadows on small writing on a smaller patch - it will simply not work and make the patch unreadable.  That is one of the big differences between a custom embroidered patch and a custom PVC vinyl patch - there are zero limitations to your patch design!  

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY PVC VINYL PATCHES:  the patches that we create and produce are the highest quality PVC vinyl patches on the market.  You will not find any patches that are even close to our morale patch quality.  We make patches to last, and we have been in business for almost 11 years and have a long history of creating patches.  We make the best patches out there, period.  We did a lot of research on PVC vinyl patches, and one of the biggest complaints was that the patches would fall apart after time.  We figured out why the vinyl patches fall apart: there is no merrowing on them!  So if the patches fall apart, why keep making them without merrowing?  Because its easier, thats why!  At, we take our time with your patches - each and every morale patch gets our full attention - and we take our time creating your custom morale patches.  We insist that the high quality professional patches that we create are worth every penny.  The patches will not separate from the velcro and the patches will not fall apart in any way.  We insist on creating the highest quality pvc vinyl patches on the market.  Our patches are the best, and we know it.   

For the highest quality PVC vinyl patches, with a professional level quality patches, stick with - we have the best custom patches on the market.  We are the best of the best, and our patches show it.