Minimums for orders

FAQ:  Does  have order Minimums?


Are there any minimums to order?

There are no minimums to order, even with the custom patches. Order what you need now, and if you need more, you can order them again.  We have many customers who make their own original one of a kind patch and only get one done.  We do however offer discounts on larger orders starting at 25 patches, 50 patches, 100 patches and up.  But we do make it possible and inexpensive for you to get one patch or 10.  No other company does what we do.  We only make custom embroidered patches. 

There are no minimums to order if you customize a "stock" patch - you can change the lettering and only get one at no extra charge or no set up fees.  We do not charge extra fees for changing the background colors or any thread color changes.

What are set up fees?  is it the same as digitizing fees?

No, set up fees are a sneaky fee that most embroidery companies charge for the set up of your order - including the set up of the machines!  The digitizing fee is a fee that we charge for the creation of the patch - we take your jpeg and manually convert it stitch by stitch to a complete stitch file that our machines understand.   Yes, we could auto-digitize your design in 2 clicks and offer it to you for free like other companies, but auto-digitizing sucks - it really sucks - but its easy for companies to do.  Again, we do have the means to autodigitize, but the resulting stitch design is basically garbage and you really do not want patches made from that.  Its a waste of time. 

We do not charge set up fees because we feel that setting up your order is just a regular part of business - its what we do.  We feel that your patches should be exactly how you want them - that is why we do not carry any stock patches.  EAch patch you order is custom made and made to order just for you.  We set them up and we stitch patches every day - and make awesome custom patches!

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