Manufacturing Patches at

Do you manufacture your patches?

We get asked this question quite a bit.  Yes, we do.  We manufacture all of our patches from start to finish.   We start with high quality ripstop material and end up with amazing patches - we manufacture the patches from beginning to end - and all of the steps inbetween.  We start with high quality material, high quality commercial grade thread and professional embroidery machines.  We have one of the best embroidery digitizing programs around.  We also use Velcro brand velcro - not some crappy knock off brand - so your patches will hold on whatever tactical gear, tactical bags, hats or even K9 dog harnesses that you need - they will stay on.  We also make sure that the velcro will never separate from your patches - in a truly unique one of a kind way - and we will guarantee that your velcro will never separate from the patch - its absolutely impossible for this to happen.  Say goodbye to sewn on velcro that will detatch after a few patch removals, say hello to complete freedom to move your patches to different places - its all possible with patches from  We guarantee it. 

We make amazing patches - and we will never take any shortcuts with your patches - we don't cut out stitches, or use thin material - every little detail counts with  You get the best professional quality patches from start to finish!

Do you manufacture PVC patches?

We do not manufacture PVC patches at all.  We have a few on our site, but we do not make them.   We do embroidery and embroidered patches. But the PVC patches are cool too - because we don't manufacture them, we can't customize the PVC patches - what you see is what you get.