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More on how to navigate OML

At OMLpatches.com, we have tons of information on the site - information on how to care for your patches, how to create patches, how to order patches among other information. 

We try and make the infomation readily available via the search button at the top left of the website.   With the search button, you can look for certain patches or certain information.   

If you are wondering how to properly order a black out patch for instance, you can search blackout on the search button and you can quickly find the page that will give you this information.  We have tons of Frequently asked questions as well as tons of information pages.  You can also look through the FAQ page and get an idea of any future questions - for example how to care for your patches, and what a Patch Panel is used for. 

We have tried to cover any questions that have been asked over the years and provide clear and concise answers for any question you may have.  If of course you don't find any answers to the question that you have,  just contact us via email or online customer service or even by telephone and we will be happy to answer the question for you.  

What kind of information pages do we have?  The answer is lots.  You can find step by step instructions on how to properly order patches, how to create Tacscan patches, to to properly do lettering on patches, etc.  We also have some videos here and there on the site which will give you visual step by step instructions.  Are you looking for how many letters fit on what?  We have that information about how many letters will fit properly on the merrowed nametapes - and we go through each size of nametapes and give examples.  It should cover all of the information that you need to make awesome custom nametapes.

Along with our sorting feature - you can sort the patches by newest or oldest or by the date that they were created - the search feature should give you fast access to the information and patches that you are looking for. 

We hope that the new website will make online shopping much easier for everyone at OMLpatches.com.

Have fun searching and try not to laugh too hard at the 950+ custom patches we have on site.