We are so honored to have been able to create custom logo patches for some iconic brands and names that you wil recognize clearly.  Logo patches are difficult to create because we need to ensure that the patches look exactly like the logo does.  OMLpatches.com has many, many years of experience that helps us do that. 

A logo or a brand is a little bit different from a regular custom patches.  Logo patches are usually simple and clear and have little or no writing on them.   A logo patch should turn out exactly the same as the logo, and logo patches tend to look awesome - the logos are simple, clear and have a simple design that translates well into embroidery.  If you have a logo that has gradients or fancy details on the logo design, we can re-create that in the custom patch, depending on the size of the patch.  It stands to reason that if there is a lot of detail on the logo, and you want a very small patch, we will not be able to add in all of that detail for you, however, we can work closely with you to make sure that the logo is exactly what you are looking for with a few changes.  The general rule is - the more simple the design, the better looking the custom patch will be in a small patch.  Bigger custom patches will be able to have more details.

Logo patches - custom designed from your logo and makes a great patch!  Contact us today and get started on your logo patch!

gi joe custom patch.jpg

gi joe logo patch