Over the years, we have dealt with many K9 Police units, and they expressed an interest in having more patches.  The K9 units wanted to have their own designs and ideas for their own patches.  So we decided to work closely with a few K9 units to create some awesome patches that they can make into custom patches. 


We now have special K9 name tapes with special designes on them - a paw print, two paw prints or a silhouette of a german shepherd ready for action.  We can do the name tapes in any of the camo or solid color backgrounds - milticam, Olive Drab, sheriff brown or black to name a few.  We have also made it so that you can change the size of the nametapes - from 3" long to 6" long - and also by request, we have made the nametapes so that the height is different - from 1" in height to 1.5".  We have heard from the K9 Units that the 1.5" x 4" is a perfect fit for the dog harnesses - and because we use real Velcro, the name tape stays in place!  We just did a custom K9 nametape with the K9's name written in pink thread - it looked great on a black background and matched the dogs harness - also the pink thread made it stand out quite a bit from all of the other tactical gear.  The name tape looked great!

We also have a few K9 basic patches:

k9-police-unit velcro patch.pngk9-paw-american-flag-full-multicam.png


We also have a K9 Police patch that is a team template.  A custom team template means that you can add your own writing to the picture - we supply the template and you supply the information to make a one of a kind team patch.  Its that easy - and we charge far less than other companies - and they also have a minimum to order.  If you only want one K9 Police patch team template, then only order one.  There are no set up fees, no minimums to order, and no issues with creating your custom patch.  There is plenty of room to make a custom patch - team name at the top of the patch, and team motto at the bottom.  They look fantastic when they are done!

K9 police patch team template with multicam backgroundK9 police patch team template in acu


We also have K9 Scrolls in full color and subdued, and many more K9 police patches designed by K9 units, especially for K9 Units.  Get what you need at OMLpatches.com.