How to re-order team Patches

How to Re-order Team Patches

Need more team patches?


There are no minimums to order any patches at, so you can order only the amount of team patches that you need.  So what if you need more of the same patches?  We make that quick and easy too!


If you already have your custom designed patches and have paid for the digitizing, there is no need to pay for the digitizing again - its a one time fee for creating your custom patches.  We keep the stitch file on record for anytime that you need more patches. 


Re-ordering is quick and easy!  Here is the step by step guide on how to properly re- order previoiusly digitized patches:


1.  Make sure that your patch has already been digitized (we have created the patch design from your .jpeg)

2.  Navigate to the CUSTOM PATCHES section of the website and find the size of the original patches:

Custom Patch sizes at

3. Click on the patch size that you had before and go to the options.  If you want different camo backgrounds that the other sets, thats no problem.  For now, just pick one of the camo backgrounds that you want.  

4. Add all of your other details - velcro, etc. and the number of patches you need this time. 

5. Remember, you do NOT need to pay the digitizing fee again, you have already done this on your first order, so don't add it to your cart!!

6.  Fill in the FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS BOX We need some information from you to go with this order to make the process faster.


We need the following information under further instructions:

  • order number for the first order you made with us - the order with the           digitizing fee for our reference.
  • to help ensure consistency, please add in the colors for the patch clearly so we know what we are doing for your patches - i.e.  Black Merrow, multicam background, skull in grey with red eyes.  This makes things so much easier - we have done thousands of patches and don't always remember every single detail.  We do keep all of the patch files on record, but they do not keep any of the thread color details in them, so we need your help here.
  • if you order a total of 10 patches, and 8 are in multicam and one is in OD, then here is when you let us know that - you can only order one color at a time, so it may be easier to just let us know what you need.  Again, lay out the colors for the new camo background. 
  •  any other information that you think we should know.  Let us know exactly what you expect and want and we can make it happen.  Be clear and let us know everything. 


Some customers send us an email with pics of the patch that we previously did for them.  Awesome idea!  We can use this to make sure everything is exactly perfectly how you want it.  


PLEASE GIVE US FULL INSTRUCTIONS WHEN REORDERING YOUR PATCHES.  It will help expedite your patch order, and ensure that the order is exactly what you want.