How to order PVC Vinyl Patches




A step by step guide to ordering PVC Vinyl Patches:

Navigate to the 2D PVC category to the left of the website.  


If you do not have a category listing, go to the top of the page and you will see a MENU icon - click on that and it will open up a menu to the left. The second item down is the category "2D PVC VINYL PATCHES" 


Scroll down the patch and select the CUSTOM 2D PVC VINYL PATCHES (discounts shown in cart) product and click on this product:



Once the page opens up, you will have a few options to complete ordering your PVC vinyl patches:



1. Price:  this is the base price for your patches if you are ordering 1 patch.  We do offer price discounts for making bulk orders for patches.  Here is a breakdown of the prices, for your reference:


The price change will be reflected in your cart.

2.  CUSTOM IMAGE:  here is the place where you can upload your image that you want to use to create your patch.  Each image must be in final form as we will not be making changes to your patch before processing your patch.  You must have it close to the right size.  We will resize the patch and add a border so that we can do the merrowing without changing your patch or covering up any lettering or design.  The design of the pvc vinyl patch is up to you - create whatever you want and upload it to us with your order. 

3.  AVERAGE SIZE OF PATCH:  This is pretty easy to figure out by using the following formula:take the height and width of the patch and add them together and then divide that in half.

    example : 2 x 4 custom patch = 2+4 /2 = 3 inch average.

4.  EXACT PATCH WIDTH:  This is the exact size of the width of the patch that you want - not the height, just the width.  If we have to resize the patch design for you, then we go by the width of the patch.  If you want the patch to be a specific dimention, you can also add it here.  For example, you want the patch to be 2 x 3 in size (those numbers are 2 inch height, and 3 inch width)  We will make sure that the patch is 3 inches in width.  

5.  I UNDERSTAND THAT THERE WILL BE NO CHANGES TO MY PATCH:  All you have to do is accept this to be able to order your patches:  answering this is required and you will get a warning if you forget to check off this option.  All it really means is that you are happy with your own patch design and you are not expecting us to change the design.  You are the graphic artist here, and although we do have some graphic artists on staff, they will not be fixing up your pvc vinyl patch design.  We will slightly resize the patch and add a small border so that there is room for the merrowing. 

6.  MERROWED EDGE:  this gives you an option for a merrowed edge on your patch.  A merrowed edge is highly recommended for any pvc vinyl patch, so i suggest that you add one to your patch.  Merrowing is free, so there are no extra charges added to your order.   If you patch is a regular shape, then we will be able to add a merrowed edge. 

7.  INCLUDE SOFT SIDE OF VELCRO TO YOUR ORDER:  this is an option that we have had requested by our customers many many times, so we decided to add it into the PVC vinyl patches as a convenient option.  All of the PVC vinyl patches have the hook side velcro on the back of them, but if you are a bit short on the fuzzy side of the velcro, then we will add a 4 x 4 square to your order.  There is a small charge for adding the soft side of the velcro to your order.   If you don't want any extra soft sided velcro, then click NO. 

8.  QUANTITY:  how many patches do you need?  If you only need one patch, then you only have to order one.  However, the price per patch drops if you order more than a few patches.  The savings can be big if you need quite a few patches!

THATS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO ORDER CUSTOM PVC VINYL PATCHES.  ORDERING IS QUICK AND EASY!  If you have any questions about ordering PVC vinyl patches, then please CONTACT US and we will be happy to answer.