How to Order Patches

How to Order Patches

Custom Patches from


At, we make ordering easy and fast!  Remember that each patch is a custom patch, so you have many options to choose from - camo background, thread colors and merrow colors.  You can make any combination of colors that you want!  Each patch has 18 different camo and solid color backgrounds, many threads and around 10 different merrow colors.  The color combinations are endless. 

Here is our step by step guide on how to order patches:


Scroll through all of our patches - we have 950+ patches available on the site - thats a huge selection of patches, so take your time.  Feeling more dramatic?  Head over to our Adult Patches section and be prepared to laugh.


how to order custom patches at


When you find a patch that you want, click on it and you can see a few examples of the backgrounds and the thread colors.





Next, you have to decide which options that you want for your patch.

Custom Patch Options at


There are 19 different camo backgrounds and solid color backgrounds to choose - thats a lot of options!  The thread color will correspond with the color chosen - for example, if you pick Multicam Background (if you hover over the swatch square, the name will appear in writing) then the thread color will be a subdued brown color.  What if you want a different thread color with Multicam?  thats easy!  Just tell us what you want with your order.  Be specific and clear  "black thread and merrowing on the S.H.I.E.L.D patch only " is nice and clear and we know exactly what to do.


Then all you have to do is pick "add velcro"  for us to add velcro to your patch, or pick "no velcro" if you do not want velcro on your patch because you are going to sew it on. 


Add to cart and check out - and thats it!  Remember to leave us instructions if you would like any other changes to your patches, everything is custom at