How to Order Custom Patches

How to order Custom Patches


A step by step guide to order custom patches


Ordering custom patches designed by you is easy at  We make it simple and easy to do.  Here is a step by step guide on how to order custom patches. 


1.  DIGITIZING FEE:  is a one time fee that we charge to create your patch design into stitches that the embroidery machines can understand.  In basic form, we take your design and add the stitches to it one by one - our experienced digitizers take the time to carefully create your patch.  If you ever need to re-order your custom patches, we do not charge this fee again, your design is already created.   You can find the digitizing fee under the Custom Patches category, it is the first one listed.

digitizing fee instructions at


The one time fee is $75.00.  Don't be confused with a set up fee- thats an extra charge other companies do for setting up their machines.  We do not charge any set up fees, ever.   Some companies do not charge a digitizing fee - however, these costs are usually buried into the costs of the patches and they usually "autodigitize" the patches which takes 2 minutes and is a computer generated stitch file and doesn't work very well.  We do not use this procedure either.  We perfer to take the time to manually digitize our patches for professional quality.

As you can see, there is a text space for comments- any instructions you may have regarding your patch design.  Below that there is a space for you to upload your design.  Of course if you are doing a lettering only patch, you don't have to upload anything or pay any digitizing fee.  We do lettering only patches for free. 

Once you have added everything and made your choices, then add to cart.  


Now you have to pick the size of the patches that you would like.  There are many basic sizes to pick from, but if you don't see what you want, you can either pick something that is close or contact us and ask!

different size patches for custom patches



Once you pick your patch size, you have the usual options:  background camo or solid colors and velcro or no velcro.  If your custom patch is 100% embroidery, just pick one background and we stitch them out on special material.  You don't need to worry about different thread colors, we will get all the colors from your uploaded design. 

Add that to your cart, and you are done!

Once your order is in, we will begin digitizing and send you drafts for your approval. Once approved, your patch design will be put into production and finished and shipped out to you!


Thats it!