How to order blackout patches

How to Order Blackout Patches

 custom black out patches at OML

What is a blackout patch?

A blackout patch is a highly subdued but still visible black patch with black stitching on it.  Its very subdued, but you can still see the writing if you are close enough.  

There are many people that would like blackout patches, but are not sure how to order them.

What custom patches can be blackout patches?

You can make a blackout patch out of just about any patches on the site, however the most popular patches are nametapes and battlepatches.  The information is there, but not perfectly visible or standing out.  If you want any other patches blackout, just let us know. 

How do I order a blackout patch?

Ordering blackout patches is simple and easy at  If you are ordering a nametape, then all you have to do is pick the black background with black threading - and leave us a note with your order that you do in fact want a black out patch - people have made the choices for a blackout patch without actually wanting them - be sure to check your custom order over and be clear about what patches you want. 


If you would like a blackout patch for any other patches, just leave us instructions with your order for us to create a blackout patch.  If there are more than one color of thread on your patch, we will subdue them all to be black.