How to navigate OMLpatches




We have recently completely changed and updated the site at!  We have changed the whole look and feel of the entire site, in the hopes that we can make shopping much easier for our customers to find exactly what they want in patches.  We have over 950 custom patches on the site - more than any other patch company out there.  We make patches and do embroidery, thats it!  We are good at what we do (its all we do) and our hard work shows in the high quality custom patches that we make for you!


Are you looking for a specific patch?  Although it is good fun to navigate the site and check out some different patches (Hint:  the adult patches section has super funny patches), but if you are wanting quick answers, use the SEARCH feature at the top of each page.  It will give you quick answers and offer suggestions to the patches that match your search query. 

Do you want to see the newest patches in order?  Some people like to see the newest patches first!  You can do this with a drop down menu on the top right of each product category page:

drop down patch sorting menus at OML


You can sort by newest patches, bestselling patches, patches in alphabetical order and reversed alphabedical order, cutsomer reviews and Prices - high to low and low to high.  That should sort out what you are looking for. 


We now have drop down menus!

Ok, maybe its not that exciting, but it sure is to us!!  Drop down menus make everything easier to navigate, find articles with lots of information and of course FAQ's nicely listed for you to find. All of the lists at the top of the page (with an OD background) have drop down menus.


Category Menus are twirl down, too.  

Because we have so many patches listed, we try and make categories that make it easier to find the category of the patches you are looking for - for example, video game patches - when you click on this category, you  know that you will be looking at patches that are made from video games.  Sometimes, we further categorize the patches in sub categories, which used to be more difficult to find and I think people may have missed them.  Now, we have a twirl down menu that is represented by a little arrow either pointing up or down to open or close the menus that contains the sub categories.  A great example is the patch category that is now divided into SEASONAL PATCHES and specially designed TACP patches that are much easier to find.  You don't want to miss any seasonal patches, do you?  And we don't want the TACP guys to have to search forever to find their patches. 

twirl down menus for finding patches


We hope that our new design and easier navigation makes finding your custom patches faster and easier than ever.  


If you have any issues or difficulties or can't find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us!  We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.