How to Create Patches with a different language

How to create patches with non-English Characters

Can you create custom patches other than english lettering?


Yes.  Yes we can.  

At we can create patches in any language you want, provided you send us a picture of the characters that you want. 

What does that mean?

When you place your order with, you can enter characters in any language using different keyboards and complete your order that way.  However, when we receive your order on screen and print it out, we only have a tiny version of the characters that you want.   Having only a tiny version of it makes it impossible for us to digitize the characters for you - we need to have a jpeg to be able to do that properly.  We have pre-digitized English fonts that are very precise, but we do not have any other characters, so we have to manually digitize the whole patch for you.  

We are not language professionals in every single language, so most of the time we only have a basic idea of what the language is....we understand that the digitizing has to be precise - we can't change anything or the characters may not make sense to you.  

What about languages that have english lettering, but have accents?

We can do that no problem.  You don't have to do anything extra but make sure that the accents are added and show up with the order.  Many people go for clarity and type the word again with accents in the "further instructions" when checking out. 

How do I order a non-english patch properly?

To order a non-english patch properly, you only need to do one extra step - send us a larger version of the characters.  No, we are not asking you to design the patch for us, but simply provide us with a larger version for us to work with!

All you have to do is place your order normally with the characters that you want to use, as usual.  Then all you have to do is email us a screen shot or snap shot of the characters in a larger version.   You can open Word or any note taking application or program, change the keyboard and type the characters that you want, and then make them larger (usually a 14pt or larger will do) and make sure that the characters are clear enough - and then take a snapshot or screen shot of those characters and then send that to us attached in an email.  Thats it!


Hints and tips:

  • Make sure that the characters will fit into the patch.  Sometimes if we have to "squish" the lettering to make them fit, it will ruin the basics of the lettering.
  • Don't write a book!  same as above, if you want 6 lines in a 2 x 3 patch, the lettering is going to be quite small and hard to read!
  • Keep it simple!  Patches done in embroidery always look better with simple designs and bigger writing.  
  • Keep it simple and it will look great!Make sure you separate the writing into lines - we don't speak and write multiple languages, so we have no idea where to separate any lines.  
  • Be clear!  make sure your instructions are clear so we understand what you want.

If you have any questions regarding different characters on a patch, please CONTACT US and we will be happy to help.