How to Change Thread Colors




At we try and make things easy for you to customize your patch, includig changing the thread colors on "stock" patches.   As you may know by now, we custom make each patch for you as you order it - we do not keep patches on the shelf and pull them from the shelf to complete your order.  We make each patch to order - that gives you the opportunity to make some minor custom changes to just about any patch that you find on the site. 

But how do you do this?  Most patches don't have a selection for thread color?

Most patches get the thread color based on the camo background.  We call these standard thread colors.  All of the thread colors are set out in our camo guide.  We have done years of research on using the correct colors for the select camo backgrounds that we use.  For example, if you have a Multicam camo background patch, the colors will automatically be a medium/spice ish brown that we use on most of our subdued patches.  It looks good and has passed the "color test" for many years.

thread color is medium brown for multicam fabric

Although the camo guide is only a suggestion, we think it works best.  Lets use the patch above as an example.  Lots of people would like to use black on Multicam material.  It does look great and makes the lettering stand out, but once in a while we do run into issues -  Look at the patch above, there are some darker colors in multicam, and if this lettering is on black, it will not stand out from those colors on the background.  See what I mean? 

Another good example of why you should stick to the camo guide, is the camo material called Cadpat.  Its an excellent camo material with shades of OD and black throughout the material.  The camo guide says that OD thread is the standard color for Cadpat.  You can see clearly that its a very dark material.  If you were to do black lettering, there is a good chance that you would run into the black squares on the material.  If you are looking for a super subdued look, this would look great.  If you want your lettering to stand out a bit, then the OD thread will do just that - it will still be subdued, but it will also stand out.

black thread color on CADPAT camo material

That being said about the camo guide, back to the question, if you want to customize your patch thread colors, how do you do this?

Its pretty easy.  If you are ordering a "stock" patch and want a different thread color, then all you have to do is request it with your order.  When you are checking out, there is a space called "order instructions" where you can leave us a note requesting your changes.  If you would like detailed instructions where to find the text box, go to the FAQ on How to Add Instructions to your Order.

If you are ordering any Custom Team Patches, we have a nice list of common thread colors that you can use for the writing part of your patch.

Thread colors for custom team patches

These thread colors are used all over the website, so you can see an example of what the thread colors look like.   THe basic subdued thread colors, and also the brighter colors are used as the basic colors for patches.  We have added in some different colors, just for fun - such as Lime Green and Pink, just for fun. 

OK, so what if I want a different color that you have on the list?

That might prove to be difficult.  Its very difficult for you to communicate the color via email or via telephone.  For example Blue.    If you wanted the Punisher Patch in blue, we will automatically opt for the blue that is standard in the USA flag.   Blue has many shades, and as you can imagine, we don't have millions of thread colors sitting around.  We keep the basics...Blue or light blue...if you say "deep ocean blue" or "robin's egg blue" we really don't know the exact color that you are looking for!  

Remember, we spend a lot of time customizing your patches, and there are no returns on custom patches - which must make sense to everyone - what are we going to do with a punisher with a blue skull if you don't like the shade of blue that we used?  If all of our patches were standard and off the shelf, we would be able to take returns on anything.  If you put your own custom lettering on patches, it is your patch, and we can't resell it in any way!

Enjoy being able to customize your patches!