How to add instructions to your order




At, we provide you with truly customized patches - you can change thread colors on any of the "stock" patches.  For example, if you want a Punisher 2 x 3 patch on a black background - the standard color for the punisher icon will be siliver.  What happens if you don't want it to be stitched in silver?  You can request a different thread color - for example blue - you want a 2 x 3 Punisher patch with the Punisher stitched in blue.  But how do you do this?


We try and make it as easy as possible for you to request customization on each and every patch, where possible.  If you are ordering from the Custom Patches category, for example a custom 2 x 3 patch with lettering only, there is a space for "further instructions" right on the details page. Please be as specific and as clear as possible with your instructions.  Here is a good example of being clear with your instructions:

"sitch the first line of lettering in blue and the second line of lettering in red"

How to add further instructions to a patch


When giving instructions for us to design your patch, remember we can't read your mind (ha ha.  but seriously, we can't read minds) and you need to be specific and lay out exactly what you want done. If we don't understand your instructions, we will contact you via email to get some clarity - and that will hold up your order until you get back to us. 

For regular "stock" patches, we don't have the further instructions text area with each and every patch.  There are already many options to select for each patch, and the ordering area gets too busy.  But there is a solution:  there is a FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS text imput area when you are checking out.  This is where you can add in your instructions for any patch that you would like.  Again, remember to be clear in your instructions - the more clear and specific you are, the more we will understand exactly what you want.  We try and complete every request - thread color changes are a great example of what we can easily do.  Of course if you pick a wierd color, such as ocean blue - we don't know what you mean and we don't necessarily have that thread color!   If you don't know the name of the color, try something like this:

"change the punisher icon to blue - the same blue that you use in the USA flag on the site"

how to add order instructions when checking out

Now that we understand and we can do exactly what you want.  Easy!


So remember these things when customizing your patches:

1.  Look for the further instructions text box when you are checking out.

2.  For the custom patches category, the further instructions box is right on the details/order page.

3.  Be clear and precise with your instructions.

4.  the better we understand your instructions and requests, the better we can make your patches to your exact specifications. 

5.  We are not mind readers and we don't want to make any guesses. 

6.  If we don't understand what you are asking for, we will contact you BUT that will delay production of your patches!


If you still have questions please CONTACT US and we will help you out.