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How it all works at


Do you wonder what it takes to make your patches? do you think we simply pick patches off of a shelf in a warehouse and throw them into an envelope like most companies?  Nope.  There are many steps to making your custom patches.  Here is a basic run down of how it all works!


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We create your patches from scratch each patch is custom made to order.  We take the patch design and create it your way - the backgrounds, the thread colors and any size changes that you request, on a patch by patch basis.  Its at this time we create the lettering only patches, tabs and scrolls and any other patches that require customization. 

creating custom embroidered patches


We put the patches into our daily production list and stitch them out on our embroidery machines.  Once they are done stiching, they are carefully cut out and sorted for velcro application, and checked for quality control.   The production department handles most of these steps in the production of the patches. 

Velcro for custom patches

+USA flag embroidered patch






Once that is done, then each patch gets sent to our merrowing department.  Merrow is the thick outside edge found on most patches - it holds everything together and creates a nice finished edge.  Many of the patches out there do not have merrowing - its an expensive and time consuming step in the production of the patches.   However, we merrow all of our patches so they look professional and stand up to any weaer and tear that you my bring to the table.  Our patches last and last, and one of the reasons is because of the special way we merrow the patches.   The patches are checked and trimmed for quality control. 

merrow machine for patch edges


Once the patches are merrowed and finished and checked for quality control, they are sent to the shipping department.  Once again, they are checked for quality control but also becuase our patches are custom, we check again for spelling, correct colors and placement and anything else the customer requested.   If something is not correct, we will re-do the patch immediately.  


That is a basic rundown of how it works here at   There are many steps to creating your patches, and we have 4 levels of quality control to make sure each patch is produced perfectly, so you can enjoy your custom patches for years to come!