Guide to getting Free Digitizing on Embroidered Patches



We started this idea as a sale, but it had such a great reaction, we decided to keep it on the site as a regular product, for now.  It will be a limited time, but it is working so well we are going to keep it going for a while!  The smaller teams and groups, or anyone on a budget is really enjoying saving $75.00 per design and getting their patches. 

So whats the deal with the sale?  Not much - you get to save the regular digitizing price of $75.00 and all you have to do is order 10 patches.  Yep, thats it!  just 10 patches and you can save the digitizing fee - its really free- there are no hidden costs and no big secretes - the patches are the same price whether you order 1 or 10, so we are not "hiding" the costs in different priced patches.  Just order 10 custom embroidered patches and save!

We have had a few people order incorrectly, so we decided to give you a step by step guide on how to order correctly.  

The rule with this special sale is that you only have to order 10 patches.  Anything less than 10 patches, and you have to pay the digitizing fee!  Its a great deal, and everyone should take advantage of the sale while it is still on!

Keeping that in mind, here is how you order 10 patches and the free digitizing. 

1.  Navigate to the CUSTOM PATCHES category.

2.  Once you are there, you will have to scroll down a bit, and this is what you will see:  PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE TWO DIGITIING FEES AT THE TOP OF THE LIST.

how to get free digitizing

As you can see there are two digitizing fees at the top of the list.  The first fee is at a cost of $0.00 and it is called :  FREE DIGITIZING FEE (WHEN YOU ORDER 10 OR MORE PATCHES)  and the other one is called DIGITIZING FEE and the price is $75.00.  Clearly, if you are going for the sale and you want free digitizing, click on the free digitizing product.  You must also get 10 patches to get the free digitizing - hopefully that is clear enough simply by the product name!  

3.  Click on the FREE DIGITIZING product and this is what you will now see:



And there are a few steps to complete this part of ordering.  

4.  Like the item :)  its easy, just click the like button!  Not a mandatory step, but your feedback is always appreciated. 

5.  Comments:  this is a text area that is for you to give us any kind of instructions or details about your custom patch:  for example, you can give us the colors that you want in the patch, any changes or any instructions that you want us to follow.  Sometimes that might include thread color changes (if something is red, and you want more of a burgundy color).  Give us all the details you can about the finished look of your patch.  

6.  Upload your design.  Thats easy - just select the file from your computer and upload it!

7.  HERE IS WHERE PEOPLE GET STUCK.  YOU ONLY NEED ONE DIGITIZING FEE.  Just one.  You can't order 10 free digitizing fees and then check out!  10 free digitizing fees does not equal 10 custom designed patches.  I mean really, think about it, do you really think that we will custom design, create, digitizing, set up, stitch, add velcro and merrow and ship your patches for a total of $0.00?    Just add one of these to your cart.  So make sure the number is 1 and add to cart. 


Now that you have the first part in your cart, lets move on to the patches.  Ordering 10 patches is mandatory to get the free digitizing.  If you don't order any patches, we won't be making any patches. 

So now, you need to go back to the custom patch category once you have added the free digitizing to your cart.  Now for the patches. 

8.  Select the size of the patch that you want.  There are many different shapes and sizes that you can pick from.  Click on the size that you want.

9.  You have a few options available for your custom embroidered patches.  For this example, assume that I have added the free digitizing to my cart, and I want 2 x 2 patches.  I clicked on the 2 x 2 custom patch product, and it opens up to this screen:

custom embroidered 2 x 2 patches


10.  Further Instructions Text Box:  if you forgot to add any instructions to your order, you have a second chance to do it here.  Tell us exactly what you want.  Make your instructions clear:  treat us like idiots - be that clear.  It makes creating your patches so much easier and faster. 

11.  Pick your camo.  click on the little down arrow, and a large list of choices will appear,  and you can scroll down and pick the camo or solid color backgrounds that you want for your patches. 

12.  To velcro or not to velcro?  That is the question.  If you want velcro on your patches, then click velcro.  If you don't want it, then pick NO VELCRO.  Yes, the velcro that we use on the patches is the HOOK side of the velcro - the harder, sharper side. 

13.  MANDATORY STEP:  you must add 10 or more patches to your cart.  Anything less than 10 patches, and you will not qualify for the free digitizing fee, and you will have to pay the regular price digitizing fee for your patches.  So pick 10 or more patches, please!  The more the better!   Add this item to your cart!

To be clear, your cart should look exactly like this:  1 FREE DIGITIZING AND 10 PATCHES.  For this example, I ordered 10 2 x 2 custom patches with velcro.


Once you have those two things in your cart, you are good to go.  Of course you can add in some matching nametapes and a battlepatch or two, but you are good to go on the custom embroidered patches!  Yay!