Are you looking for a free quote for patches?  You can use the form below and get a free quote, or you can email us directly at , or call us at 1-844-665-2378.

What information does OMLpatches need for a free Quote?

To be able to provide you with a proper quote, we need to know the size of the custom designed patches that you are looking for, and approximately how many patches you need.  Don't worry, doesn't have any minimum number of patches to order - if you need one patch, you can order one patch!  Its that simple - order as many patches as you need. 

We also recommend sending us a a .jpg of your design, so we can take a look at all of the design elements.  This will give us an idea of what you are looking for, and we can also give you recommendations regarding the patch.  Once we see the design, we can recommend a good size for the patch and we can also let you know what will work in embroidery and what will not work - not every patch design will look good when it is translated into embroidery.  If the patch is too small, then some details may not work in embroidery.  But don't worry, we will recommend to you many solutions to make the patch look awesome in embroidery.   We have been making patches for almost 15 years now, so we have a great eye for patches - the balance, the colors and the lettering.  

What is the fastest way to get a free quote?

At the bottom of this page, there is a contact form for you to quickly fill out, and you can include as many details as necessary, Once you send it to us, we will take a look at it and get the ball rolling.  

You can email us directly at or and include all the proper information:  size of the patches, number of patches and attach the patch design.  We will then be able to give you a proper quote and sometimes a quick draft of the patch in embroidery so you can have a good idea of what the patch will look like. 

What happens next?

We will respond to your free quote request with any suggestions or recommendations and ideas that we may have to make your design a great embroidered patch design.  We will provide you with all of the information requested including prices and lead time.  We can then create an order for you to easily check out, or provide you with links to make checking out easier.

Once you have placed your order, we will create your patch design exactly as you request and according to your instructions.  We will then provide you with an awesome draft of your custom patch!  You can either approve the design at this point or request changes.  Once the design is approved and completed, we will put your patches into production and get them stitching!  After they are stitched, we will add velcro and do the merrowing.  Once the patches pass all of the quality control that we have set up, they are ready for shipping. 

If you have any questions regarding your free quote or any custom velcro patch questions, please feel free to contact us!  We are happy to answer any question you may have and put our 15 years of experience to work for you to create your custom embroidered patch.

So get the ball rolling to get your custom patches designed and created and make your patch idea a reality!  Don't wait, start today!