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What is an embroidered patch?

An Embroidered Patch is a piece of artwork created through an embroidery machine using materials such as cotton twill or RIPSTOP camo and different colour threads.  It conveys a theme, event or logo that commemorates the users’ message.

Embroidered emblems and patches are a great way to put your design or insignia on a garment without applying the decoration directly to the garment. These emblems & patches are generally produced on a heavy twill fabric or RIPSTOP camo with a smooth texture.

In most cases a portion of the underlying twil or camol becomes the background for the design, and a variety of thread colors make up the details of the design. There is a decorative stitch called a merrowed edge that overlays the edge of the twill fabric to make your custom embroidered emblem.

Embroidered emblems and custom patches are commonly produced for outerwear, clothing and accessories. They work great for uniforms, caps, jackets and golf shirts when you want maximum recognition and exposure. We use the highest quality fabrics and threads to make your embroidered emblems and patches. 


How long has OML been in business? has been in business since 2005, and most of our digitizers have been learning the craft since early 2000.  We are a well established family owned business and have years of experience to help you create amazing custom patches.


How about some free patches?

Sure, we have quite a few contests going on for free patches on our facebook page (click here) and like us for a chance to win.  New contest coming soon.


What makes OML Patches better?

Quality, for one.  Our patches are of the highest quality patches that you can find.   Our patches are guaranteed to never come apart from the velcro.  They have been successfully field tested since 2006.   Many try and copy our patches, but none have succeeded so far.  

Customization.  You can get any patch on the website customized to suit your needs - not to mention team templates and custom scrolls and tabs.  You can put your own writing on any of the custom patches.  If they are a basic patch, you can still customize the patch by changing the thread colors or sizes.  Everything is custom, everything is made to order. 

No Minimums.  We have no minimums to order on any patches on the site.  You only have to order as many as you need. For example, for custom designed patches, if you have a team of 4, order 4 patches.  In a year if you get a new team member, order him one more patch - no extra fees, no charges.  Why order 50 patches when you only need 12?  well don't anymore at OML Patches.