Embroidered Patches or PVC Patches

embroidery-vs-vine patchesl.png

At OMLpatches.com, we have lots of choices for your cusotm patches.  The biggest choice right now is to deside which type of patch you are looking for:  a custom embroidered velcro patch or a PVC vinyl patch with velcro.

Both types of patches look great when they are completed:  each have a professional look, a merrowed edge and velcro on the back.  Each style of patch has its benefits, too. 

Custom Embroidered Patch: Custom embroidered velcro patches are a completely traditional style, and have a rich finished look.  The custom embroidered velcro patches can either be completed with a camo background that will match your uniform or gear, or be 100% embroidery - which means that the whole patch will be embroidered.  It really depends on the exact look that you want - both styles look great, and it really depends on what the embroidered patch is being used for.  Quite often if the patches are going on a uniform, or a tactical bag, its great to have the patch match exactly for a more subdued look.  However, the opposite can be said for the fully embroidered patches - having a fully embroidered patch will make it stand out more on your tactical gear and get noticed more.  Either way, custom embroidered patches are a great addition to any tactical gear or uniforms.  We make ordering custom embroidered patches quick and easy - all you have to do is upload your design and order some patches.  We even make it very affordable to get custom embroidered patches for your whole team!  If you order 10 patches, you can get the digitizing fee for FREE.  Every team should have team patches, so create yours today.

2D PVC VINYL PATCHES: PVC vinyl patches are completely different from custom embroidered patches.  Other than the merrowing around the edges, there is no other thread on the patches, and the patches are made from PVC vinyl.  Custom PVC vinyl patches are a great alternative to custom embroidered patches, and were created with the smaller teams or groups in mind.  The prices are extremely competitive and will fit into any team's budget.  While there are a few design limitations when creating custom embroidered patches, there are practically no limitations when it comes to the PVC vinyl patches!  You can design your custom patches exactly how you want them to look - you can add special effects to the lettering, you can add drop shadows, you can do very very small writing and just about any other design effect that you can come up with.  There are no limitations on color choices - if you like it, then add it!  We can create your custom PVC vinyl patches in millions of colors and shades, so there is no limitations!  Your imagination is the only limitation - create exactly what you want.  We have written up some guidelines in creating your vinyl patch designs, but in short here are a few tips:  create the patch in the size that you want the final custom patch to be, leave room for merrowing and don't make the lettering too small (you can make lettering very small, but remember that you want people to read your patch at some point), and balance your patch design so that the detail elements of the patch are distributed evenly. 

Its up to you to decide what kind of patch you want - or you can even try both styles of patches and see which style is the right style for you and your team.  No matter what the style, our custom patches are very high quality and professionally finished.  We have been in the patch business for more than 11 years, and we know custom patches.   Get the best patches - get your custom patches from OMLpatches.com and get the highest quality patches for any team or group.  Your team will thank you for the boost in morale!