Digitizing Questions

Digitizing Questions at OMLpatches.com


What does Digitize mean?

Digitizing is the process of taking your patch idea in jpeg form and making that into a stitch file for the embroidery machines.  

How long does it take to digitize my file?

Digitizing can take some time.  While some companies use a (crappy) autodigitize feature, we ONLY use a manual digitizing program.  The result is a much better solid patch, that looks exactly how you want it to.  

What makes OML Patches better?

Quality, for one.  Our patches are of the highest quality patches that you can find.   Our patches are guaranteed to never come apart from the velcro.  They have been successfully field tested since 2007.   Many try and copy our patches, but none have succeeded so far.  

Customization.  You can get any patch on the website customized to suit your needs - not to mention team templates and custom scrolls and tabs.  You can put your own writing on any of the custom patches.  If they are a basic patch, you can still customize the patch by changing the thread colors or sizes.  Everything is custom, everything is made to order. 

No Minimums.  We have no minimums to order on any patches on the site.  You only have to order as many as you need. For example, for custom designed patches, if you have a team of 4, order 4 patches.  In a year if you get a new team member, order him one more patch - no extra fees, no charges.  Why order 50 patches when you only need 12?  well don't anymore at OML Patches. 


First you need to select the Digitizing Fee and add it to your cart.  Then select the custom patches.  Select the size and quantity that you want the patch to be and add them.  You will be given the option to upload the picture and add any additional comments to your order.  Our digitizers will do up the design and email you the draft image for approval.  Once you answer the email with approval the patches will be stitched and shipped to you.


Digitizing can take a fair bit of time.  It depends on the details included in the image and the quality of the picture. Some designs are easy and others can take hours of work as all the stitches have to be placed properly in the design for the machines to stitch properly.


IF YOU WOULD LIKE A MORE DETAILED EXPLANATION OF DIGITIZING, check out or detailed patches on CREATING PATCHES or DIGITIZING  for a full explanation of the digitizing process.