Creating Morale Patches


How we design, create and produce custom morale patches


As you can imagine, at there is a long process to designing and creating all of our patches. We create the stitch file from a customer's design, then test stitch it out and get approval.  The next step is to put the patch design into production - stitching, velcro, merrow and then quality control and then shipping.   It is of course a hands on production line, and your patches are always handled and inspected on each level to ensure quality control and to make sure that your custom patches are the correct background colors, thread colors, merrow colors and of course the custom writing is correct. 

We take our morale patch production very seriously - we are all about morale patches and making all of our morale patches custom morale patches.  We like to do things a bit differently around here.  Sure you can go to other sides and get patches, but you can't customize those patches in any way.  At, we beleive that the customer should get the exact patch that they are looking for.  How do we do this?  Each custom morale patch us made to order - there are no patches that are sitting on the shelf waiting to be tossed in an envelope.  When you place your order, we take down all of the details and then stitch your order out, exactly how you want it.  You can change the basic colors of each and every patch.  We provide you with a camo guide to show you the basic thread colors on the morale patches, but if you want a different thread color on the patch, we can do that for you.  We have had many requests to change the HYDRA morale patch stitching from silver to red.  No problem, we create your morale patch as we go along, so we can create it how you request:




If you would like more information on how we create a patch, or a basic run down of the process of digitizing or details on what software we use to digitize the patches, there are links to the right and they will give you more specific details on our process of creating custom patches.


Need ordering help?  See our HOW TO ORDER PATCHES, and how to order CUSTOM TEAM TEMPLATES  and how to order CUSTOM PATCHES for a step by step guide on how to order all of our custom designed patches on our website.