Creating a biker patch - Sons of Abiff Patches






Here is a quick walkthrough of how we create our patches - from the design start to the stitched out patch finish.

Many people ask us what kind of picture of their patch design do we need?  The answer is:  just about anything will work!  Our digitizers are so skilled in their workmanship and design style, that we can make patches from a sketch on a napkin, a lousy photograph or even a sketched out design on paper in marker.  Yes, we can do this!  As long as we have some idea of the design, we can make it look amazing in stitches!

The first step of creating out patches is the desgin from the customer.  When we get designs that are sketches, we need to work extra hard in creating the patch - we have less to work with.  As we have stated in many other pages on the website, we manually digitize each and every custom or "stock" patch that we create.  This means that we place each and every stitch using the jpeg image as a backdrop.  As you can imagine, this can be time consuming.  Yes, we do have the very very expensive embroidery program that loads the image into the program and within two clicks you have an embroidery design.  Its just not a good design!  That part of the program is called "autodigitizing" and really it only takes about 5 minutes to produce an embroidery design to be stitched out.  At, we think that this is a short cut, and we would prefer to produce error free, manually created awesome designs that take some thinking and skill to complete, not just two clicks on a computer.  Lets face it, if you had the money to buy the program and did autodigitizing, then anyone could claim to be an "embroidery digitizer".  We take our more than 15 years of digitizing experience and put it to the test in each and every patch that we design.  You can clearly see the end embroidery results are clear, detailed and have many hours of work to them.  We beleive that our customers deserve the best patches we can produce - and that is exactly what we provide all of our customres, down to the smallest detail. 

Here is what the customer sent us - it is s sketched out design (not a vector design) and it was created with old fashioned pen and paper:

sons of abiff biker patches sketch drawing


If we decided to autodigitize this design, there would be many errors on the patch, the first of which is that the whole entire patch is not symmetrical - it needed lots of work in this department!  There would also be other errors, the writing is not in a perfect arch and the lettering itself is uneven.  The stars are not symmetrical and are all different sizes.  Also the patch needed to be balanced out, so everything was in the right place.   

These are not things that someone can do with autodigitizing.  We manually digitized the logo and made all of the corrections that were needed.



As you can see, the patch is shaping up to be awesome!  The picture above is just a jpeg of the stitch file, not the actual patch stitched out.   We sent this to the customer for approval, and they were thrilled in the results!  In their words " we never imagined that the design could look this great!  Thank you for all of your hard work and thank you for working with us on this project!!!"

This customer wanted a sample patch before they made the big order for their whole club.  Once they placed the order for the sample patch, we got busy stitching out the patch.  The customer was thrilled with the final results:

sons of Abiff Patch final stitch out


Needless to say, the customer was super happy with the sample patch, and is now in the process of outfitting the whole club with their new patches.

There are only a few steps to creating patches:  

  • send us your design and all of the details of the patch.
  • we will offer suggestions to balance the patch or suggestions on the detail work.
  • place your order for digitizing and order patches
  • approve the stitch design
  • receive your patches and be happy!

As you can see, it is really simple to design your own patch.  Send us your design today and get started making your own patches- your team or club will thank you!

Its a proven fact - patches boost morale and create a certain amount of pride and unity in any group, club or team.