Texas flag patch with Punisher

by OMLpatches.com


Custom velcro patch texas flag patch with punisher added to the side makes a fantastic patch.  This custom velcro patch is a standard size 2 x 3 patch, which will fit on your tactical gear and uniforms.  

As with all of our custom patches, you can customize your patch to suit your needs.  The pictures above show the 4 main variations of the patch - full color in red, white and blue with a silver punisher, SWAT/ACU colors that are dark grey, light grey and black, subdued tans which is brown and beige with a grey skull, and last but not least subdued OD which is OD and black with a silver punisher.  

One of the best things about ordering patches from OML patches.com, is that each patch is custom made to order - we do not have any patches sitting on the shelf waiting to be tossed in an envelope.  We only stitch the patches as you order them.  What does that mean to you?  It means that you can change thread colors and customize your patch to suit your needs. 

What if you want a full color patch with a black punisher skull?  order exactly that!

All you have to do is place your order for the full color punisher patch, in when you are checking out, there is a text area for "ORDER INSTRUCTIONS" and you can leave us a note stating that you want the punisher skull in black!  Yes.  It is that easy!!

Get your patches exactly how you want them at OMLpatches.com.   We rock.