New Patches!


We have been super busy making all of your custom patches, but we have come up with a few new patchesin the last couple of weeks.   We have added some nametapes as well as some awesome new patches.  Coming soon we are working on some new K9 designs including nametapes and regular patches.

One of the biggest newest additions is the Chicago Cubs patch!  For obvious reasons it has been a huge hit with everyone.  You can order this patch in full color on any background, or subdued to match the background - depending on the look that you want. 

Chicago cubs full color morale patch

This is the full color patch - the colors are red, white and blue.  This one is on a tan background, although the tan material is darker than what is shown in the picture.  

Chicago Cubs subdued OD colors

This patch is subdued in OD colors with a tan background - you can subdue the patch in any of the colors to contrast th background or match the background.  Customize the patch how you want it to be - we don't keep any patches in stock, so you can customize each patch on the website to be exactly how you want it.  Each patch is custom made and made to order.