New Blackout Patches


We try and release patches at least once a week, so everyone can let us know what style of patches they like, and what style of patches they are looking for. One of the main requests are blackout patches.  If you don't alreay know, blackout patches are totally black - black background with black lettering.  They are hard to read, but you can read them, and they are great for   tactical teams.  However, at this point in time, we have greatly improved on blackout patches.  Oh, they are still blacked out, but you can still see the lettering or the design. 

All from one thing:  Charcoal. 

Charcoal colored thread, that is.  We have discovered a new thread color that is called charcoal.  It is black, but it is a lighter black than true black.  But only a shade or two!  That is what makes it great!  so it is still blackout patches, black on black but with a bit more visibility. 

However, capturing the colors in a photograph proved to be difficult.  Either the charcoal thread color looked too bright in the flash (it isn't bright) or when we changed cameras and tried a few different angles, it then looked too dark.  So the best we can do is this: