Shipping Times

How long does it take to get my order after it has shipped?

We get this question quite a bit.  We normally process each order within 1-4 business days and then ship it out.  Some people get upset that their order is not to them within a few days.  Here is how to calculate the shipping days properly.

  1. You will receive an email when your order is shipped out.
  2. Take the date of that email as your start date.
  3. Most orders are shipped in the evening, so you count the next day as day 1.
  4. Shipping by the flat rate postage (cost $4.50) takes 6-10 business days for your order to arrive.  Business days does not include weekends or holidays, so you can't count these days in your calculation.
  5. Your order should arrive to you within 6-10 business days, and if we are shipping to the USA, it tends to be closer to the 6 business days. 
  6. The post office is in charge of the shipping times.  We do not control the post office nor are we responsible for the post office being slow.  
  7. The post office can be slower than normal in delivering your patches.  Please be patient, your patches will get there.
  8. If there is no tracking number for your order, we cannot track your patches.  But they will get there - they always do.
  9. 99.9% of the time the patches arrive on time.  Once in a while we do have a situation of lost patches, but it is very very rare.  The post office is exellent at delivering your letters and packages, and does so for millions of people every day. 

Here is an example of calculating shipping times:

I placed my order on March 1 (Sunday - not a working day), and it was shipped out on March 3 (Tuesday).  When will I get my order?

Lets look at the calendar for clarification:



If you received your email saying that your order was shipped on March 3, then start counting at March 4 as Day1

March 4 Day1

March 5 Day2

March 6 Day3

March 7 & 8 - weekend, so don't count these days.

March 9 Day4

March 10 Day5

March 11 Day6

March 12 Day7

March 13 Day8

March 14 & 15 - weekend, so don't count these days!

March 16 Day9

March 17 Day10

So, according to the post office, your patches should arrive to you from March 11 to March 17.

We wish that each package could get to you within a few days, but that part is up to the post office, but we would be happier of the post office was faster.  But it isn't so we do the best we can.

Moral of the story - be patient.  We did ship your patches when you received your email, and they will arrive to you!  Plus, our patches are definetely worth the wait!  No matter what, we make the best and highest quality patches!