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New Blackout Patches

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We try and release patches at least once a week, so everyone can let us know what style of patches they like, and what style of patches they are looking for. One of the main requests are blackout patches.  If you don't alreay know, blackout patches are totally black - black background with black lettering.  They are hard to read, but you can read them, and they are great for   tactical teams.  However, at this point in time, we have greatly improved on blackout patches.  Oh, they are still blacked out, but you can still see the lettering or the design. 

All from one thing:  Charcoal. 

Charcoal colored thread, that is.  We have discovered a new thread color that is called charcoal.  It is black, but it is a lighter black than true black.  But only a shade or two!  That is what makes it great!  so it is still blackout patches, black on black but with a bit more visibility. 

However, capturing the colors in a photograph proved to be difficult.  Either the charcoal thread color looked too bright in the flash (it isn't bright) or when we changed cameras and tried a few different angles, it then looked too dark.  So the best we can do is this:

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New Patches!

We have been super busy making all of your custom patches, but we have come up with a few new patchesin the last couple of weeks.   We have added some nametapes as well as some awesome new patches.  Coming soon we are working on some new K9 designs including nametapes and regular patches.One of [...]

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More custom embroidered flag patches

At OMLpatches.com, we are all about customization!  We are the leader in morale patches because we manufacture the patches ourselves-we do not outsource any patch at any time.  We have been in business for 10+ years and patches is the only thing we do.  Never outsourced, never sitting on a shelf and shoved in an [...]

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Texas flag patch with Punisher

NEW PATCH REQUESTED BY CUSTOMERS!Custom velcro patch texas flag patch with punisher added to the side makes a fantastic patch.  This custom velcro patch is a standard size 2 x 3 patch, which will fit on your tactical gear and uniforms.  As with all of our custom patches, you can customize your patch to suit [...]

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So many new patches added!

At OMLpatches.com, we work hard to bring you some of the best patches in the world!We constantly add new patches and are learning new techniques for creating patches that are even better than before. Here are some of the newest patches added this week to our growing collection of more than 1200 patches on the website:USA [...]

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Limited edition Leonidas blade by DMO Knives - reblog from Airsoft & Milsim News

A re-blog from Airsoft & Milsim news blog, link at the bottom of the blog:  The limited edition Warrior Culture Gear – Leonidas Blade made by DMO Knives is now available for pre-order.Custom Designed, Coated and Treated Specifically for WCG, The Leonidas Blade is an Evolution of Design, bringing the Warrior Culture Ethos of Training [...]

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New custom Full Back patch 4x8

New custom patch just created today!  This is an extra large patch 4 x 8 in size, that will be a perfect fit on any uniform and tactical gear, with the words:     NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER                                 [...]

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New Design

What do you think of our new website design?  We have been working on the new design for a few weeks now, and we are still tweeking the design. We have made some major changes to help everyone shop easier and faster.  The menu is now permanently on the left hand side of the website unless [...]

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Blackbeard's Flag Patch

New patch uploaded soon:  Blackbeard's Flag Patch.  Yes, this is the actual design for Blackbeard's flag - back in the day, if anyone saw this flag flying on a boat, they would run the other way terrified because bad things were coming!  if you saw the flag, it was probably already too late for you!   Cemeteries [...]

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New Custom Nametape, Wolf Head

Check out this new custom embroidered nametape, with a Wolf Head on one end.  Even though the wolf head is small, it has a lot of detail and a whole lot of wow to it. The wolf even has a mean look on his face, and it shows up very well. Creating mini designs or micro digitizing [...]

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