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2D PVC Vinyl Patches


These morale patches will change the patch industry!  These patches are made from PVC vinyl, and have tons of detail in them.  The PVC Vinyl patches are durable, long lasting, weather resistant and have millions of colors available.   2D PVC vinyl patches are different from PVC patches, don't get them confused.  The PVC patches that you can get are thick and small.  2D PVC patches are flat, thin and very flexible.
The PVC Vinyl patches are designed to be an affordable alternative to embroidered patches - they have a completely different look to embroidered patches!  While some may still prefer the embroidered patch for a rich, professional and traditional look, PVC vinyl patches are the newest thing in morale patches.  PVC Vinyl patches will be the perfect answer for designs that are too intricate or detailed for embroidery - there are many designs that are very small and detailed that will not work with embroidery in a small patch - and small lettering is very difficult to do in embroidery on patches - now you can have all of your details and all of the small lettering on PVC vinyl patches- there are no limitations to your design!
One of the main beneifts of the PVC vinyl morale patches is that there is no need to digitize the design:  we will create patches from your artwork, exactly as you send it to us!  In embroidery, we would have to take your design and skillfully create a stitch file out of that - the PVC vinyl patches completely elimate the need for digitizing!  Therefore the costs are cut down, as there is not hours of work to do to create your patches - this will be perfect for smaller teams on a budget - no set up fees, no digitizing fees and no minimums to order!
Here are some benefits of PVC vinyl patches:
  • No set up fees or digitizing fees
  • No minimums to order.
  • Most custom shapes possible and do not cost extra.
  • Water resistant.
  • weather proof.
  • Will not fade, melt, crack or otherwise deteriorate. 
  • Extremely scratch and fade resistant.
  • Extremely stain resistant and easily cleaned.
  • Durable in high or low temperatures.
  • Designs never need to be converted or changed. 
  • Ultra flat/matte look (not shiny).
  • Any design can be a patch - even photos!
  • Your design will not change at all - whatever you send to is is what we will use create your patches.
  • Lots of details in the patch, no matter what the size.
  • Millions of colors available with no limitations.
  • Merrowed edge so the patches have a professional finish, and a more traditional look and feel.
  • patches are thin and flexible
  • velcro will never separate from the merrowed edge.

img-1095-37653.1447969668.500.659.jpg super thin and flexible pvc vinyl patches

PVC vinyl patch, merrowed with velcro     PVC VINYL PATCHES ARE THIN AND FLEXIBLE


pvc vinyl patches are thinner than regular pvc patches

 PVC vinyl patches are thinner and more flexible compared to regular PVC patches.

We will be creating our own in-house designs for many different styles of patches, including morale patches, nametapes, tabs and scrolls as well as custom PVC vinyl patches designed by you!  

* Please note that all of the stock PVC vinyl patches are WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) so we don't make any color changes or customization changes to the stock patches.

* Also note that the custom PVC Vinyl patches will be created from the design that you upload, we will not be making any graphic art changes to the designs.  We will normally had a black border to accommodate the patch merrow (the other edge stitching of the patch) The design that you upload will be the design that we use - please make sure that your designs are complete and ready for production. 



HERE IS A BREAKDOWN OF THE CUSTOM 2D PVC PATCH PRICES:  the discounts will show up in your shopping cart.  *price vary according to size




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