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WELCOME TO OMLPATCHES.COM where you can get completely custom velcro patches and custom nametapes made to order and always a perfect fit for all your tactical gear.



IF YOU MISSED OUR BIG FREE DIGITIZING SALE IN JUNE, ITS BACK ON FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER!  You can save $75.00 on creating your own custom patches with your design!  DIGITIZING FOR FREE!  All you have to do is order 10 patches in the size that you need and place your order and save $$$$.  Its the best deal out there for the best team patches - don't wait, boost team morale today for FREE!

free digitizing sale save $75.00.png

At OMLpatches.com all of our morale patches are custom made to order, and all done with a super fast turn around time with faster and better quality than any other patch company.  We provide you with the higest professional level quality custom morale patches and custom military patches that are made to last.  

We have many custom velcro patches on the website - just about any type of custom patch!  We have our amazing custom team patches, a wide variety of battlepatches, different sizes of custom nametapes, our new line of tactical sports team patches, along with hundreds of funny morale patches and our ever popular adult patches (patches with swear words or are graphic).  If you can't find what you are looking for, just ask us:  we are easy to find via telephone 1-844-665-2378, via online customer service and you can email us at omlpatches@gmail.com, or don@omlpatches. 




ATACS MORALE PATCHES ARE FINALLY BACK!  We were finally able to source some A-TACS fabric to make some awesome ATACs patches - we have ATACS AU, ATACS FG and also ATACS LE material.  Look for ATACS as a custom background fabric option when you are customizing and creating your velcro patches.

Looking for Multicam OCP patches?  We don't have the fabric (yet) but we do have the exact thread color that you are looking for!  Don't wait to have your unit patches to be done in multicam OCP colors, get them created today for FREE.  Get your multicam OCP unit patches quickly and easily, save yourself time and waiting for months to get them done - booste morale and get your esprit de corps patches today.  Contact us or get a free quote.


CUSTOM TEAM PATCHES:  How to instantly boost team morale or esprite de corps with a team template patch! Create your own one of a kind original team patch quickly and easily with OMLpatches.com's original Custom Team Patches.  Custom team patches are a great morale patch solution for any sized team, and now it possible for any team to have patches - no extra fees, no set up fees and no minimums to order..  Boost team morale instantly and build esprit de corps with custom team template velcro patches.  We provide the basic template, you provide the lettering and customization, with no minimums to order and no limits on the customization - change the font, change the stitch colors and change the icon colors and get original team patches for your whole team.   Your team will thank you!


CUSTOM NAMETAPES ARE MADE TO THE EXACT SIZE YOU NEED! GET THE PERFECT SIZE FOR ANY TACTICAL GEAR. We are famous for our custom nametapes, because we make them in any size that you need. So many people are looking for custom sized nametapes AND we have exactly what you need.  You can get the regular 5er and 6er nametapes, or you can get what you need - sized from 3inch to 6 inch - in two different styles.  A regular nametape has the edges folded under and a merrowed nametape has the edges merrowed, the same as regular patches.  We offer one more option for the merrowed nametapes - you can increase the size of the nametape to 1.5 inches - perfect size for K9 harnesses.  Merrowed nametapes are so versitile you can add icons to your nametapes - you can add punisher, biohazard and  nametapes specially designed for K9 Units and Police.  Need a nametape for the back of a hat? Get merrowed name tapes because they are more flexibile and will bend properly with the contours of the hat.  We have custom embroidered nametapes that will fit any tactical gear!

Different sizes of nametapes so you can get exactly what you need      

CUSTOM EMBROIDERED BATTLEPATCHES. At OMLpatches.com, custom battlepatches come in many different sizes from 2x3, standard 2x4 and now 2.5 x 3.75 inches.  Battlepatches can be customized with large amounts of personal information, cool icons with no extra fees.  Customize your battle patch with up to 6 lines of information, or keep it simple with 2 lines - blood type and callsign.  You can add customized flags, guns, evil smiley faces plus many more.  Keep your emergency information available with a custom Battle patch with your choice of camo or solid color backgrounds.  Think outside the box and add some different information - its not restricted to blood type and names -  you can add callsigns, funny sayings and nicknames. Think outside the box and get the exact battlepatch that you need! 

create your own custom battle patches


OMLpatches.com is THE PLACE FOR FUNNY CUSTOM VELCRO PATCHES and Military style patches.  You can find some of the best morale patches all backed with velcro for easy removal from your gear.. Get the highest professional quality custom patches, made to order and made to last. 

the beatings will continue patchspiderman comicbook patch on acu.pngFunny Chairborne Patchcall of duty Advance Warfare AtlasAvengers SHIELD Patch 

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